Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Projection/prediction/wants

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Danielson, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. Okay, this thread is going to be fun because we may see a ton of different answers.

    1. Who do you think will in it? and why
    2. Who do you want to win it? and why
    3. What legend, or guest superstar would you like/expect to see?
  2. Is there a list of entries yet?
  3. No, just predicting seeing as how it's getting close.
  4. 1. Sheamus, he is due back then.
    2. Big E, Because he is cool.
    3. Stone Cold, Jake the Snake.
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  5. OH, I suck at predictions so I'll pass haha
  6. It's just for fun, you're not being judged. Who do you want to win the royal rumble? Do you have a favorite superstar? One you'd like to see fight at WM against someone?
  7. For fun? Eh, here goes.
    1. Daniel Bryan, he'll likely still be going for the belt by then. This would be how he gets himself another shot.
    2. Luke Harper man! He's a beast. Won't happen, but I would still like to see it. Or Big E. Both solid choices.
    3. Shawn Micheals - I mean come on
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  8. think bryan
    Want bryan
    Returns brock lesnar, stone cold
  9. 1. Daniel Bryan.
    2. CM Punk.
    3. Jake Roberts, Lesnar, Jericho

    Cannot wait for the best PPV of the year.
  10. 1. Who do you think will in it? why
    2. Who do you want to win it? and why
    3. What legend, or guest superstar would you like/expect to see?

    1. Sheamus, just because he has been out for so long and he is expected to return around this time. I can also suspect Mark Henry will return, if he hasn't returned by then already.

    2. Daniel Bryan, just for he can main event Wrestlemania and hopefully become WWE Champion for longer than a week.

    3. Ron Simmons, Jake Roberts, Dean Malenko and Chris Jericho
  11. 1. Daniel Bryan; Because he'll win the WWE title.
    2. Antonio Cesaro; Because he deserves a main event at Wrestlemania
    3. Farooq, Jericho, Bradshaw, Hurricane Helms.
  12. 1. Daniel Bryan. After his loss last night, anyone with any foresight can see that he's gonna earn a title shot and win the championship at Wrestlemania to have his big moment. HHH and Steph will probably even stack the odds against him even more so by arranging it so that he draws #1 or something.
    2. Whoever makes the most sense, storyline wise. Either Bryan or maybe Punk. Can't see anyone except those two winning it.
    3. Jake Roberts. Want to see him slide a gigantic snake into the ring and scare everyone out of the ring. JBL, too. JBL's music playing and him hopping right into the ring in his suit and brawling with people with hopes of actually winning would be entertaining.
  13. 1. CM Punk because he is approaching the WWE Title picture.
    2. CM Punk because I myself want to see Punk vs Bryan for the title at WrestleMania.
    3. Jake Roberts and Scott Hall to show how hard they've been working with DDP.
  14. 1. CM Punk,he'll most likely be without a feud around that time so it'll give him something to do on the main event scene.
    2. Dean Ambrose so he could main event WrassleMania for the WWE title.:yay:
    3. Jake the Snake Roberts,Scott Hall,Dusty Rhodes,and, of course Shawn Michaels.
  15. 1. D-bry so he can step up to WM main eventer.
    2. Ziggler, just cuz they been jobbing him out.
    3. HHH ( either one Helmsley or Hogan)
  16. 1. Who do you think will in it? Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. CM Punk if they choose Daniel Bryan to face HHH at Wrestlemania
    2. Who do you want to win it? I want Roman Reigns to win it. Imagine that beast push.
    3. What legend, or guest superstar would you like/expect to see? Goldberg? Imagine that pop.
  17. 1.) Punk. because they hate me
    2.) Ziggler. because I said so
    3.) Drew Carey
  18. 1. Ryback because he was so close to win it last year
    2.Ziggler Because hehas been jobbing all year, and even Justin Gabriel, because he`s my fav
    3.HBK, Stone Cold
  19. 1) CM Punk or Sheamus
    2) Sandow, Big E, or Ziggler
    3) Jake, JBL, DDP, or Goldberg
  20. Shit, I forgot about Big E
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