Royal Rumble watching

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Straight Edge Spectacular, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Does anyone want to watch some past rumble's on MSN tommorow? We can do a big convo.
  2. You can't really have a good convo on past PPV's IMO. Plus, my laptop completely blows. Maybe @[Crayo] might?
  3. Would it be easier to have a tiny chat room? For people who don't use msn. Why don't we just talk on here actually?
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  5. That would work. Maybe like a Chatzy or Xat.
  6. Just post a thread on here with the Royal Rumble videos... Then we can discuss it easier.
  7. Make the regular discussion threads we normally have for live shows. Organize a time, and post a place to watch it. Think everyone will be more than happy to participate.
  8. What does everyone eghink about 2 PM EST?
  9. US Time EST? I won't be here, I'll be at wrestling practice. Make it like 4pm EST
  10. Yeah, I may work out at 2.
  11. @[White Panda] should watch them with us.
  12. I find wrestling to be one of the least entertaining things I could possibly watch.
  13. Chatzy room created!

    Password to enter: crayoisking
  14. :cry: Do you atleast watch basketball?
  15. So wish I could fully get into the NBA.
  16. Is not anime.
  17. So um yeah. I'm working out with my buddy's soon for at least 2 hours.
  18. 2 hours? What you training to be going that long?
  19. Trying to drop 60 pounds by January 1st. XD
  20. You're gonna have to go on a serious calorie deficit lol.