Royal Rumble Royal Rumble - Who do you want to see?

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    We all know there are a few wrestlers waiting to be cleared to come back. There are also many things building up for what should be (fingers crossed... DON'T SCREW US VINCE!) a great wrestle mania.

    With that being said, RR is on January 24th. Who are you expecting to come back for the PPV or before then? Who do you want to see?
  2. Brock Lesnar and John Cena. I will love to see the rumble come down to those 2, with Lesnar coming out on top. I think Sami Zayn is going to return to the main roster during the rumble. I think theres a good chance that Y2J will be there. Also The Big Show will probably be there (everyones favorite!) And then I could see a couple random legends stopping by (like DDP last year). But overall I don't think any major returns are going down. No Rollins, Orton, Cesaro, Bryan, Sting, etc.
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  4. I disagree. I want BROCK MOTHER FUCKING LESNAR!
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  5. I think we'll see some of the NXT guys (namely Zayn and Joe, and perhaps Finn and Borebin) and some legends stopping by, as well.

    I want Daniel Bryan, goddammit! But, sadly, that's just wishful thinking.

    I also want BORK LASER to fucking murder everyone!
  6. This is a good ppv to throw in some of the NXT guys, get a feel for them with out anyone noticing mistakes (if they make them).
  7. I want Brock Lesnar to enter #1 and eliminate all 29.
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  8. This sounds tremendous. Nobody lasts more than 10 seconds. Everyone is eliminated in a 1 on 1 fashion, and then Brock just dances around and makes faces until the next theme hits.
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  9. Brock is maybe the only guy that could do this and have the fans love it.
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  10. Hell yeah. I'd be down with that. :21-1:
  11. I want to see HHH win the rumble and I am hoping it happens. Specially if they screw everyone over by having him come in #31.
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  12. Maybe not like that. I'd like to see some superstars last 60 seconds with Lesnar, so at one point we could have Lesnar, Cena, Orton and Ambrose in the ring or something, but that ends with Lesnar going ham and eliminating all 3 of them.
  13. Corbin vs Lesnar should be the final two, and they ought to eliminate each other. Corbin vs Lesnar vs Reigns at WrestleMania please.
  14. -Brock Lesnar murdering people left and right. While I doubt they'd let him break Reigns' elimination record, it'd be cool to see him still set a record or two of his own. Maybe something like the most people ever eliminated within the shortest amount of time, and/or the most people eliminated at once (imagine if he somehow managed to power three people over the top rope and down to the floor at one time. It'd be a funny way of getting rid of The New Day if they tried to jump him.)

    -A surprise return by Daniel Bryan... But only if he wins.

    -One or two legend appearances. If he's healthy and in shape and in any ring condition to do it, I'd love to finally see Scott Hall/Razor Ramon make an appearance in the match.
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  15. Scott is still working with DDP right? Or has this since stopped? I know a few years ago he was helping him out. Would love to see him come back at least one more time.
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    Mark Henry had better be added, or... SOMEBODY GON' GET THEY ASS KICKED. SOMEBODY GON' GET THEIR WIG SPLIT. :henry2:
  17. I bet Henry retires at Wrestlemania. They should let him win the Andre Battle Royal
  18. AJ Styles - only if he were to win. Having him in there for the Network prestige, will ruin his run from the get go.
  19. Henry's said before he'd like for DB to retire him at WM. So, why not fulfill his dream by clearing DB?
  20. That is so not going to happen, as much as everyone would mark their tits off for AJ.

    Although, it wouldn't surprise me if he got Daniel Bryan'd (talkin' about DB in RR 2015).
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