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  1. Sooooooooo how about that Royal Rumble huh?
    After tonight's PayPerView event there were a few things that blew my mind. LOL where do I start. Honestly overall this event wasn't to bad, besides a lot of it being extremely predictable. The first match on the card was Bray and Daniel Bryan. WOW!! Now that was a great match for a main event....wait, is wasn't the main event??? Oooh thats right we got the lucky chance to watch yet another snooze fest between the ULTIMATE Face John Cena and the Lack Luster Randy Orton. I don't understand how for the last few weeks on Raw and Smackdown the crowd has been going insane for Bryan. But yet they have him as the first match of the night? If the boos werent enough during the Cena and Orton i wonder if the " WE WANT DIVAS" chant were? One thing that does make me happy is seeing how Bray can hold his own in singles competion under the bright lights. That kid did awesome. Next was that Big Show/ Lesnar match. I wasnt to sure what happened, i got up to get a beer when they FINALLY rung the bell, but when i got back, the match was offically over and Brock was still beating the dog shit out of Big Show. I really didnt expect to much from these two so i wasnt horribly dissapointed, OH WELL! And now for the ROYAL RUMBLE itself. I personally enjoyed it. CM Punk came in first with a Member of the shield and i immediatly knew how this was going to end. Nothing really came as a bigger shocker than when the crowd was cheering for Daniel Bryan to come in at entrant 30. And when poor Rey Mystyrio came in, he was welcomed with nothing but warm loving BOOOO's. in fact did anyone else notice that the last 10 minutes of the Rumble were accompanied by either continuous booing, "NO" chants or "Daniel Bryan" chants. When will WWE get the message? Byran is your Golden Goose, treat him like it!! But seeing Roman Reigns single handedly eliminate his teammates tells me that we can kiss The Shield Goodbye! and thank God. Batista winning wasn't a big shocker at all. actually i would of been more surprised if he didn't win it all. But congrats to the new young faces of the WWE like Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryant. They were the real winners of tonight!
  2. Gotta make sure you rock the spoiler tag, and there was a thread for that already made bro. Not here to rain on your parade, just giving a heads up for future reference.
  3. wall of text. TL;DR
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