Royal Rumble's Main Event

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. For years now its known that the Royal Rumble match always main events the PPV..

    But I got a feeling that this time it won't, TBH I don't agree with Rock VS Punk being the main event because it will be like if the Rock is bigger than the company and bigger than the traditions of the PPV..

    I know that Rock is a big draw to not be in the main event, BUT ITS THE RR MATCH GODDAMMIT :KISS:
  2. Who cares what goes last? Seriously its not a big deal guys.
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  3. Whilst it doesn't matter, it will be weird not seeing the RR last.
  4. Re: RE: Royal Rumble's Main Event

    Wouldn't it be stranger seeing The Rock in his first match in 2 months shy of a year, only his 3rd since 04 in the mid card of the PPV though?
  5. I can't recall exactly which one, but the RR match has preceded the ME before. With the Rock being the draw that he is, hey have to go last.
  6. Seabs vs Spot. Yogisha vs Hikoku
  7. Yes, it's a PPV I don't think he should have a match at, but I guess it's the only time he can appear. It is weird either way, but I would much rather the ROYAL RUMBLE match end the ROYAL RUMBLE pay-per-view. But it won't affect my rating at all, it will just be weird.
  8. I have no problem with The Rock main eventing the ppv, in fact, I'd prefer if he did. The RR has been a joke for some years now anyways.
  9. Re: RE: Royal Rumble's Main Event

    If Rock wasn't there then sure but if it's the only time he can then it's gotta be done, plus it could help add a bit of a special feeling to the big 4 imo (Rock wrestled only at SVS, RR ad WM so adding in SS at some point could be the start of making it feel special again)
  10. Very true.
  11. Great point, but since it looks like he'll be at EC, that won't happen :sad: I miss the big 4 being special
  12. I've been saying for several weeks (or months) now that it's obvious Punk/Rock will go on last, as I feel it should. The PPV is centered around Rock coming back to fight for the belt (just look at the poster and the gay commercial with the bull) and honestly, Punk continuing his long reign by beating Rock, or Rock ending the second longest reign of the last 30 years, is a much bigger deal than who wins the Rumble. Winning the Rumble doesn't mean what it used to, ever since there's been two world titles anyway. This would also only be the third time (1996 and 2006 being the other two) in 25 Rumbles that the Rumble match didn't go on last.
  13. I used to love the RR... But now that the winner gets a wrestle mania title shot... It's lost it's lustre....

    I mean... That bit with del rio and santino was awesome.... But we all knew santino was not main eventing wrestlmania

    I feel they just need to have the winner be the winner an get a push towards a main event title match at a later PPV... Bit not guarantee a title shot to him...

    I would mark my Rita off to see something like 3MB fending off a bunch of people to have one of them win...

    Could u imagine.....

    The shield entering 1-2-3... Clearing everyone... Then going at it themselves to have Rollins or Ambrose steal a RR win???

    I would rather it be less predictable.
  14. RR should end the night it's what the PPV is named after. It matters to me as otherwise it undermines it in my eyes. Personally if Rock beats Punk he should watch the RR then stare down his WM opponent to end the PPV.
  15. I understand why they'd put Rock vs Punk last, but I don't like it. I don't care much for Rock and I really enjoy watching the Rumble, I'd personally prefer that it went last because it's what names the PPV and it's the match I'm looking forward to the most. So I personally understand why Rock vs Punk will go last but I don't like it.
  16. The way I look at it is if I get the PPV I'll be seeing the Royal Rumble match and I'll be seeing Rock versus Punk, so then why exactly would I care what order it goes in? I understand that match placement is important but personally I couldn't care less about when a match happens as long as it get's a good amount of time and/or is an enjoyable match.
  17. The rumble still could be the main event. Maybe the rock loses to Punk and re-enters into the rumble(thus getting his wrestlemania title match).
  18. Also look at WM 18, Rock / Hogan drained the crowd what if that happens again leading to a dead Rumble?
  19. Exactly, people are going to be anticipating Rock/Punk way more than the Rumble. The Rumble is the appetizer and Rock/Punk is the main course.
  20. Rock will close the show as he should. Him winning the belt will tear the house down.
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