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    Da Rules: (We're gonna ban you and stuff if you break dem.)

    For the most part, we aren't going to be too strict, but there still should be groundwork in place.

    1. Be respectful to people. Don't cause arguments in the OOC, flamebait people to get a reaction, and any other disrespectful behavior.

    2. When in character (or out of character) don't cross the line. If you do anything such as demoralize people, do something that can be deemed as offensive.

    3. Stay away from massive killing sprees. I am sure someone wouldn't want their character to be unceremoniously killed for no reason other than to kill.

    You can have to OC's , But the two must be connected.
    (may add more after if anything becomes of an issue)

    Outer Walls of Lerwick.
    "The eastern kingdom of Lerwick is a Kingdom that was almost wiped out by "The Beast Plague" A curse that turned over half of the capital city of Kelna into Beasts, This was until King Mihel Nissho the Reckless formed The Hunter's Of Lerwick.
    This group worked as protection for the King and his wife Queen Mira during the plague and waiting it out in a sub-city called Flamesk the Hunters made fast work of the Beasts n Lerwick.
    That was 10 years ago and since then only scouts of the hunters are sent out until no.
    Word of a war to the west has made The King sent groups of Hunters out the help(Or remove) The problem."

    "Kelna is the capital city of Lerwick and is lead by the Main King Mihel Nissho the Reckless and his Queen Mira, The City is large and is on the bleeding edge of Magic and firearms via blood arts a type of magic that is controlled by the caster's own blood.
    Also The use of flame arts has grown in the lower ends of Kelna due to it's easy use even the hunters are using it.
    Then there is Mind arts a magic where a catalyst is still needed and is the slowest of the Lerwick Arts.
    Due to the size of Kelna The Hunters are based there in an area called "Hunter's Rest".
    With the influx of new Hunters many are being sent to scout the outer walls.
    And with the lands of Delake and Orisis fighting the same plague as Lerick will you live or fall to the ashen gods?

    Sogn Up
    Character Name:

    Character Gender:

    Character's Homeland(Lerwick or land of your own creation):


    Appearance (either a picture or description including race,clothes, etc. For moles, only clothes):

    Personality and Background:​
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