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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Didn't want to put in the title but did anyone watch the RR Fallout, If not this was the highlight for me;

    John Cena Confrontation with Rusev (Link)

    I know there was a thread the other day or week.
    But if you were WWE Creative how would you book this match?
  2. simple: wouldn't have this match.
  3. Book it so that Cena wins somehow, please.
  4. I'd book Cena losing and keep building Rusev.
  5. In your dreams, buddy. It'd be snowing in hell if Rusev went over Cena. You know as well as I do Vince isn't gonna swallow that pill
  6. Lol, well the question is how I'D book it. So... Yeahhhh
  7. I would book it on the pre show because nobody gives a shit
  8. Ehh, Cena sucks. Rusev beating him would be the ultimate "what the fuck!? WHOAAA" surprise for this PPV for me, like if Wyatt beat Cena last year... If Cena beats Rusev, we have to wonder if he'll build up the US title again. If it means they push him again to help build up the midcard, go for it. If not, give the win to someone like Swagger, Reigns (lol not happening now) or Ryback (replace with someone we all like? can't think of anyone else tbh, Ziggler has unfinished business with Barrett).
  9. I can't see John Cena fighting for the US Title at Wrestlemania so either WWE simply doesn't put the title on the line or Rusev loses it in the weeks to come.
    One way I can see this happen is if Rusev vs. ??? at fast lane in a last man standing match. Cena interferes in that match causing Rusev to lose the Championship. Therefore the Rivalry building for WM.
  10. Then Cena is a bitch for costing Rusev the title...
  11. I would be pissed at cena for it, but it is a possibility.
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