RR or MITB for Mid Card Titles?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Aug 21, 2015.

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  1. Would you oppose the idea of having a MITB briefcase for the US/IC title? A MITB match let's say at Wrestlemania or MITB PPV. For example the Ladder match at Wrestlemania this year for the IC title was pretty entertaining.

    Or the option to have a mini rumble let's say 15 man or 15 man battle royal at Royal Rumble for the chance to face either the US/IC champion at Wrestlemania.
  2. Don't care for either idea, tbh. I'm fine with holding a 15-man battle royal on Raw or Smackdown to determine who gets a shot at one of the midcard titles at a PPV, but the Royal Rumble itself should be special and kept strictly as a one-match thing, with the winner being eligible for a shot at the WWE Championship only.

    And I'm kinda burned out and exhausted from the MITB concept, personally. I certainly don't want them going back to having two briefcases, since I was generally against that idea even back when there were still two world titles on the show. I wouldn't mind if they got rid of it as an annual PPV altogether and started using it only on special occasions instead, but they won't since Money In The Bank is generally considered one of the biggest PPV's of the year.
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  3. I would be against the idea. It becomes less special the more it is done. Hell, even when they did a MITB for both the World Title and the WWE Title, it became much less special.

    Same for the Rumble. The Rumble match is easily my favorite event of the year. I would prefer it to remain the only one. Now, I know that in past years, there have 7 non PPV Royal Rumble matches, but 2 were non televised and the others haven't been anywhere close to being like the main Rumble and they haven't been regular events at all. It's unique and traditional and should remain that way.
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  4. No this shouldn't happen. I pretty much completely agree with both posts above. MITB should also not be its own PpV for at least a few years. Bring it back to mania.
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  5. The Royal Rumble concept needs to stay the same and remain a special occasion. If you spam and have multiple Rumble matches throughout the year, it loses its magic.
    Same with MITB.
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  6. Agree with what people are saying. Just wanted to know what other people thought
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  7. The concept you're talking about, though, is a good one from the perspective that it would bring more prestige to the US/IC titles if there were a specialty match that guaranteed a shot at it. Unfortunately, a special MITB briefcase or mini-Rumble for that opportunity isn't the way to go.

    The only ways to give them that prestige boost would be to have someone cash in MITB for the IC/US title or have the Rumble winner announce they wanted to challenge for it (which isn't likely to happen...never say never in wrestling); go back to the days where those titles' holders main-evented PPV's (I'm thinking Bulldog-Hart for the IC Title at Summerslam in 1992 in London); or do what WWE did at Wrestlemania and have the titles won by main-event-level guys and (as they no doubt planned with both of them, not just eh US) have them regularly defended by those upper-level guys.

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