RRW Assault - Week 1 - Results

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Ricky Daniels, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. So the promo's have been analysed and we've decided upon the winners. If your opponent no showed the promo period then you automatically won, if both participants no showed then the GM's randomly picked a name using a website. Please don't be a dick and complain about results or the time for promo's this will be sorted next week.
    All three GM's had matches this week and we didn't make ourselves win, the GM in the match was bared on voting and the others decided.

    The results for RRW Assault - Week One:

    Match 1 Winner: Noam Dar (@DemonHunter1257)
    Match 2 Winner: Bray Wyatt (@The ReagMaster)
    Match 3 Winner: Adam Cole (@CBK_15)
    Match 4 Winner: Brock Lesnar (@Electro)
    Match 5 WInner: Kurt Angle (@King B)
    Match 6 Winner: Seth Rollins (@TheKingSonic)
    Match 7 Winner: AJ Styles (@Harrison)

    Week Two's match card will be posted next Friday.
  2. Can people be told of the deadline beforehand, that might help them? Also when did Ricky become a member of creative?
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  3. In future they will be told, we are thinking a 6 day period for promo's, if the matches are posted on a Friday the promo's will be stopped on a Wednesday.
    However it was a over thought this week and Ellis just wanted it out.
  4. What the fuck.. I was even tagged or anything. Match one got the tag
  5. I only tagged the winners
  6. I meant to actually do the promo
  7. *Hulk Hogan comes out PISSED. The crowd chant "What a joke!" Hogan spits in the face of the announcer as he steals his mic. Crowd pop for his maverick tactics*

    Hulk: I'm sorry. I have a bother, brother with RRW!

    *crowd cheer*

    Hulk: I don't get it. I put in the best promos on the mic with a sizzle like Lethal Fucking Bizzle but some honkey, crackers and ****s fuck the hulkster over. Sorry for talking with naughty words but I've gone NUTS!!

    *Crowd chant NUTS!!!! in unisons*

    Hulk: Listen here @Ellis Sullivan I promod and put my got damn heart into the brand of RRW, which should be kissing the hulkster's butt as as it is. I suggest you put the enigmatic force in the next round of the tournament in a triple threat or ELSE! Heck, I'm better than rooty tooty bitch Adam Michael Cole....

    Come on out @Ellis Sullivan or face the music... and I ain't talking Sweet Chin Music haha

    *Crowd haha back*
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  8. I had nothing to do with posting that thread, however if you get booked next week we will dm you and you have 6 days including the day we are messaging you on.
  9. Yeah. I saw that 2 guys had a day to promo. I thought i'd have a day. I was tagged in the post, but not when it was my turn to promo.
  10. Um yeah was there something about a promo period of a week mentioned? As opposed to like two days?

    Not close to enough time and people need to be told about deadlines. Unprofessional.
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  11. *Adam Cole comes out with a mic*
    Adam Cole: Shut the fuck up hot dog skin. You lost I won simple as that, and you dare call me Michael Cole... that guy is a ****. I'm not, I'm Adam Cole BAYBAY!!! So suck my dick Hogan.
    *Adam Cole superkicks Hulk Hogan*
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  12. that was changed like straight afterwards
  13. I was surprised about the lack of perpetration put into this but like I stated we will redeem this in future weeks and anyone who lost will be put in an interesting storyline.
  14. *Hogan ducks the superkick and spits in Adam Cole's face*

    Hogan: Fuck off you vanilla midget. Hope you die in your sleep you smelly indy darling ****!

    *Hogan spits in Cole's face again before dry humping him before walking up the ramp*

    Hogan: Glad to announce I am in the next round of the tournament

    *Crowd go MENTAL!!!!*
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  15. Look dude, don't shoot the messenger here. I was not involved in the decision to change the time frames and not tag anyone if you have an issue take it up with someone else.
  16. Unless your character is Joey Ryan please limit this behaviour.
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  17. Hulk: Hulk.....tamed......NO! NO! NO!

    *Hulk does the Dan Bryan No chant and the fans follow suit*
  18. *Adam Cole flips off Hogan after getting dry humped*
    Adam Cole: Fuck you, you fucking weird old hot dog skin motherfucker.
    *Adam Cole walks off through the crowd to avoid Hogan*
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  19. Fuckin' A. Harrison told me were having a match only last night and I didn't even get a chance to promo. Absolute state of RRW management, smh.
  20. I'm just saying this: No rape, no Katie Vick
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