RRW Promo Thread Week 1

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Ellis Sullivan, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. For everyone involved in the week 1 match card we would like you to post your promos here!
  2. *The screen fades from black to an interviewer*

    Interviewer: My guest at this time....

    *Noam Dar walks onto screen and the crowd cheer*

    Dar: Hello!

    *Noam Dar gives a big smile at the interviewer*

    Interviewer: So, Dar tonight your up against one of the most respected wrestlers to hail from Canada and this match isn't just any match, it's a number one contenders match for the intercontinental championship, how do you feel going into this match?

    Dar: I feel... Good but I am scared too. I have never fought Kevin Owens before so he is new for me but I know for a fact that people assume that he'll win because of the weight difference but that may not be true tonight, I just may pull of the biggest upset in RRW history!

    Interviewer: And how does it feel to be in the first ever match of RRW Assault?

    Dar: To be honest, being in the first match has no difference to being in the last ever match because at the end of the day all that matters is the win or the loss and tonight I will win this for the people and for that intercontinental championship!

    Interviewer: And what do you think it'll take to put Owens away?

    Dar: Not much but I know for a fact that'll he'll dig deep to find that win but he'll dig deep, open his to find himself in a kneebar and you can count on that!

    *Dar walks of screen leaving the crowd cheering as the screen fades to an advertisement*
  3. The arena lights go off, they begin to flash repeatedly with red lights, the tension in the crowd is building as they await the hottest in ring performer of the stacked RRW roster.

    As the music hits the crowd explode with cheers, Finn Balór can vaguely be seen crawling through the red smoke that has risen from under the stage, he stands, opens his arms and body as the beat drops and the pace of the music picks up, the lights begin to come back on; the camera pans round Finn's body as he is still in the same position he was in a few seconds ago, the camera captures the detail in Finn's intricate body and face paint designs.The lights fade again as Finn begins to crawl further down the stage, he the does that same movement again, this time the lights shine brighter than before. He then makes his way down to the ring, climbs the top turnbuckle and takes in the roar from the RRW crowd, he jumps down off of the turnbuckle and signals for a mic, he gets one from one of the on-looking RRW employees. The lights darken again, the only light that is visible is the one on Finn Balór

    The Demon King has arrived in Real Revolution Wrestling, and he is here to stay. There is only one reason why I am here, and we all know what that is, the RRW championship! The writing is on the wall, the legends and the myths, they speak to me, I am their leader , the Demon King, I control them and they obey me, they respect me and they know me like nobody else. They have spoken to me many times, they tell me that I will become a wrestling great, they tell me that I will win that championship, they tell me that I am the greatest wrestler of all time.

    The crowd are silent as Finn continues to speak, a sense of eeriness flys round the arena.

    Demon, an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to act as a tormentor of hell. That's what it's defined as, someone to fear, someone to dislike. Yet, those people have never met a demon, they don't know what they are like.

    The crowd begin to become a bit brighter and more cheerful as the sense that Finn is opening up to them.

    But, they are damn right!

    A horrific scream is played throughout the arena, the crowd jump and many begin to show a real sense of fear, children in the audience can be heard crying.

    Seth, you have to go one on one with a demon, a ruthless demon, a demon that will destroy every bone in your body if he has to, because if it helps getting that belt round my waist, I will, without any sympathy. So Seth Rollins, the demon will be waiting.

    Screams play again as Finn Balór climbs out of the ring, he begins to laugh as he walks backstage.

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    Zack Sabre Jr's Titantron and music start playing, he comes out with a mic in his hand and starts talking.

    I am Zack Sabre Jr.

    Zack get's interrupted by his own music.

    Shut the god damn music off NOW!

    The music fades off and starts walking down the ramp.

    And I am facing an Olympic gold medallist in Kurt Angle. Not only am I facing him but I am destroying him. He might be suffering a bad break up with the Olympics but this is the real deal, damn real. This is Wrestling.

    Zack stops and pauses.

    Pro Wrestling. And he thinks he can beat me, Zack Sabre Jr?

    Zack points to himself.

    One of the best all round wrestlers ever? He has another thing coming. Not only this week am I going to kick his ass, throw him around like the little amateur he got his medal for turning up with and I am going to count from 1 to 3 with my foot on his chest like the absolute champ I deserve to be. Not only will I make him my bitch I will make everyone else in this tournament my bitch.

    Zack moves to the ring and climbs in and stands in the centre.

    Kurt. You call yourself patriotic? You ain't nothing. You won an Olympic gold? That's cute, I win championships. What you do is lose and what I do is win. You like to parade your Olympic medal around? Stop using a win 20 years old to get over in various companies, maybe now you've come to RRW you might move on. Here, have some money!

    Zack pulls some money out and throws it at the camera.

    Buy yourself some Ben and Jerry's. Go liquify your Ben and Jerry's with your salty tears and explain to your mother how the mean British man kicked your ass and made you cry like a baby who got his favourite toy taken away.

    Zack laughs and pull's his Union Flag jacket collar up.

    You want to prove how much of a man you are? Face me at Assult this week and beat me. You might make me shut up after this.
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  5. Suddenly the titan tron screen comes alive with the image of the new face of fear, Bray Wyatt standing backstage lighting the lantern then saying.

    Bray Wyatt: We're here.

    Bray blows out the lantern as the arena is now completely dark as, "Live In Fear" begins to play. The lights are out but the crowd is home and they're booing as a small lantern bobs out from the back, Bray Wyatt's bearded face bathing in its light as he saunters down the ramp and climbs the ring steps. The lights come back up as Wyatt blows the lantern out and sets it down on the apron and steps between the ropes, getting a microphone as he does. Bray takes in the atmosphere before raising a microphone.

    Bray Wyatt: Are you ready ? Are you ready “Real Revolution Wrestling”? Are you ready to feel the wrath of Bray Wyatt? Because I see the devastation coming to this land, and it's coming quickly, but not without warning for I have spoke of Wyatt's Way and what Sister Abigail wants to see come of the Assault brand and its inhabitants. The saddest thing for those inhabitants is that none of you believe that this devastation is coming. To you this is all a lighthearted joke, something to laugh about because it's all words spoken by men in sheep masks and one that sits in a rocking chair. But for there is going to come a time when you won't listen to the truth, but instead you will go around looking for someone who will tell them just what they want to hear and blithely follow their own misguided ideas.

    In case you aren't aware, that time has come, only some of you don't have to look far to find someone that's going to tell them exactly what they want to hear because that someone is you. And what a comically pathetic thing it is visualising each of you seeking that self-guidance in the mirror. Especially when your reflection isn't the only thing you have in common with that mirror. Like that mirror, all of you are extremely breakable, and much like the right amount of blunt force is all it would talk to shatter the glass, all it'll take to make any of you crumble is that same blunt force. The same can be said about Razor Ramon. He thinks he is superior to people like me but when doomsday comes he will be the first to fall and I will move to claim my prize at the top of the mountain.

    Wyatt drops to his knees and spreads his arm as he says his famous catchphrase

    Wyatt: Follow The Buzzards.

    The screen goes to black
  6. *Seth Rollins's music begins to play, as the crowd is divided between cheering or booing 'The Architect'.

    *Seth comes out with a microphone in his hand, he is smiling as he walks from behind the curtain. At the top of the ramp, Seth takes a bow and begins his walk to the ring, and once he gets there, gets up on the apron and takes another bow.*

    Seth: Haha! Aren't you all excited to see me? *Seth once again gets divided reception* Most of you in the audience know who I am and what I've done. For those who have no idea who I am, my name is Seth Rollins! I am the future! I am the architect! I've won world championships, I've conquered the Money in the Bank ladder match, and I was the first superstar in history.... to cash in at Wrestlemania.

    *Most of the crowd now begin to cheer, Seth nods his head in the ring and looks around the arena.*

    Seth: All of you are in for a treat, as tonight I face "The Demon" Finn Balor. This is a first round tournament match to eventually crown a RRW champion, and that of course will be me! I've slain Vipers, Lunatics, Big Dogs, Beast Incarnites and even guys you can't even see. Finn Balor, you are no different, just because you were one of the fastest rising stars and you've striked fear into everyone that you have faced, as the so called "Demon King". This doesn't mean that I can't beat you.... I am more than capable of hitting a Pedigree on you and pinning you 1, 2, 3.

    *The crowd cheer again and start chants of 'Let's Go Rollins!' 'Finn Balor!' Rollins tries to make the crowd louder and the crowd obliges and the Rollins chants are louder than the Balor chants.'

    Seth: You think you will destroy every bone in my body? Your smaller than me kiddo, you ain't got a chance in hell of beating me. You may be the Demon King, but I am... THE MAN!

    *Rollins drops the mic and gets out the ring, he walks to the top of the ramp and bows one last time, before heading backstage.*


  7. Kurt Angle appears on the ramp wearing the American flag around his shoulders while the crowd chant "You Suck" to his theme song, he plays the crowd off and continues to walk down the ramp, as he gets to the bottom of the ramp he grabs each side of his flag and raises his arms, pyro goes off in sync to his theme, he stares at Zack before getting into the ring, he grabs the microphone and raises it to his mouth:

    Kurt gives Zack a blank expression:
    "First off all, who the hell even are you? And why the hell do you think you have business being in my ring, the same ring that i've owned for almost 2 whole decades."
    Kurt looks Zack up and down.
    "Look at you, you're just a scrawny little wannabe, wanting to be up there with real athletes such as myself."
    Kurt backs away into a corner.
    "You say I 'only' win Olympic gold medals while you win championships, pretty ironic, let me just quickly run you through my accomplishments...."
    Kurt looks straight at Zack
    "4 time WWE Champion..."
    "WCW and WCW United States Championship...."
    "WWE Intercontinental, European, Hardcore and Tag Team Champion...."
    "6 time TNA World Champion"
    "TNA X-Division Champion"
    "2 time TNA Tag Team Champion"
    "TNA Hall Of Famer"
    "King Of The Ring Winner"
    "Wrestler of the year.... I would go on but it'd take forever."
    Kurt shrugs.
    "So kid, before you go on about winning championship titles, learn your facts, you couldn't even tie my laces, and that, yes- is a fact, and the matter of the fact is i'm a better wrestler, more experienced wrestler, and, fact.... I'm going to beat you."
    Kurt goes out of the corner and up to a displeased ZSJ's face.
    "So kid, pick your poison, because you won't last long here, this is my yard, and it has been for nearly 20 years, and many more to come.... so do something about it."
    Kurt lowers the mic and stares at Zack.
  8. Is it okay to do a second promo?
  9. yes
  10. Yeah of course mate
  11. TNA? Dude TNA is as popular as a turd on a cake, why did you even go? I am twenty years your Junior and I can win triple the amount you have. I will stay at this company for that time and win more championships then Ric Flair. But hey, I understand they give the underprivileged more chances then the real deal. I heard of this company IWT, maybe you should go work with their sorry ass'.

    Zack walks up to Kurt and stares him down.

    I understand you've been here for some time, I understand you've been round the block. I respect that. But it's your time to step aside and move on, let the young talent ,like me, have their time in this company and in this profession. You need to step back before someone steps on you and breaks your neck.

    Zack looks around.

    You need to leave. The retirement home is calling.
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