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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Ricky Daniels, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Right, last night the match results for week one were posted and everyone moaned. We heard you, and I understand anyone who is upset with the lack of notice for promo time.

    So, without further delays, I want to announce the actual time frames from now on unless otherwise stated.
    So on August the 26th the match card will be posted, you then have till the following Wednesday at 5pm to send us a promo through DM (direct message). This is how we are now accepting promo's as we don't want to clog up any more of the BTB section. You can message me, Electro or Ellis and we will then forward them into our group chat at 5pm to decide the winners.

    The results will then be put in a thread on the BTB section the following day and any issues you have from that thread are to be voiced over the thread and no where else, and especially not in the chat.

    Another new rule that should be mentioned is two rules we have. These are no Sexual Assault (including rape) and NO KATIE VICK storylines or promo's.

    Now on to the main point of this thread. People who lost their matches from week one will now be put into a match for The US Championship, this is a new championship we have decided to make which means everyone will be involved in a championship match each and every month. Just like John Cena the US Champion will be expected to defend his championship each week and failure in doing so means they will be stripped of their title and bared from title matches for a two weeks.

    Finn Balor (@Ellis Sullivan )
    Kenny Omega (@Kylojo Ren )
    Aj Styles (@Harrison )
    Seth Rollins (@TheKingSonic )
    Brock Lesnar (@Electro )
    Joe Hendry (@Geek773 )
    Kevin Owens (@Declandimi )
    Kurt Angle (@King B )
    Zack Sabre Jr (@Ricky Daniels )
    Noam Dar (@DemonHunter1257 )
    Matt Hardy TNA 2016 (@Sam?! )
    Bray Wyatt (@The ReagMaster )
    Adam Cole (@CBK_15 )
    Hulk Hogan (@Ovaldinho )
    Razor Ramon (@AfricanScatMahn )
    Brian Pillman (@Drag )
  2. We thought this was the best solution, any further questions don't hesitate to ask
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  3. Good that you guys are learning from mistakes and trying to make things up to people. Just to confirm, this means the period for sending promos doesn't begin for a week, correct? (That's fine either way btw, just checking :emoji_slight_smile:)
  4. It will start when the match card goes up so next Friday :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. we aren't really learning, we are just rectifying mistakes we made. But yes indeed the next promo period begins next week, however if you want to promo for the next week for fun go to the RRW Segments thread (RRW Segments).
  6. 5PM.... 5PM what? there's time zones y'know.
  7. 5PM GMT mate
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  8. GMT or BST.
  9. currently we are in bst. IF you want it at 5pm GMT it will be at 6pm BST
  10. Yeah good point
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