RRW Week 2 - Cancelled

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Ricky Daniels, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Due to personal matters from myself and ellis we have to cancel this weeks RRW, Sometimes things like this happen unexpectedly and there is nothing we can do to be prepared for it. At this time my thoughts got Ellis and we hope we can put out week three where we will merge two cards into one.

    We are sorry but there was no way we could of sorted this out in time or foresaw this coming.
  2. Does it really take that long to tell us the results like you did in week one?
  3. Lazy peeps
  4. Guys, when we say personal I mean very personal, someone in my family has passed away and I need to sort out funerals etc
  5. no it would of been a day but Ellis has a funeral to go to/sort out, we can never predict when Electro will turn up and I have family commitments.
  6. sorry to hear that
  7. Damn, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.
  8. Thanks man
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