RTWM Match Ups?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Since the WWE is officially on the road to Wrestle Mania....
    What are some match ups you would like to see?
    What are some feuds you hope form?

    I would like to see Undertaker vs Punk. When he had the belt, I didn't give it a thought but Punk is easily in the top 3 wrestles currently working for WWE... So, his skills with Undertakers awesome streak match... It would be amazing!

    Also, since Brock is back, I would love to see maybe Brock vs Ryback... Or even Ryback vs Jericho. Not sure if Y2J is returning heel or face yet, I am hoping for heel. Also, Barret and Y2J feud would be great!

    *Keep in mind I didn't watch Raw yet so if something already started, I don't know about it. lol
  2. punk vs taker
    jericho vs db
    brock vs triple h
  3. Hmm... Daniel Bryan vs Jericho... That would be pretty awesome! :yes:
  4. I would :fap: to DB VS Jericho.
  5. Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes would be great to see in the future as well. Mustache vs Beard! :yes:
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  6. Punk vs Taker
    Cena vs Rock - WWE Championship
    Ziggler vs Jericho
    Orton vs Sheamus - WHC
    HHH vs Lesnar
    Kane vs DB
  7. Pretty much the card I expect tbh. Not getting my hopes up for anything else.
  8. Hope there will be a good in ring competition. But I will skip Cena vs Rock for sure. :yay:
  9. Yeah, thinking about skipping that too. Can't see how this year will be better than last year since Rock didn't even improve his cardio, and we're not going to watch Cena losing clean again.
  10. Cena will win this one I think. If that happens hope they wont make it again to end the tie :annoyed:

    HHH vs Lesnar will be good on this one. Sure about it.
  11. Yeah, their last match didn't really connect with the crowd and I thought it could've been somewhat better, let's hope it's good this time.
  12. Orton vs Daniel Bryan
    Punk vs Bryan
    Sin cara vs rey
    Ziggler vs Jericho
    Punk vs rock vs cena vs lesnar
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