Ruby Riot on *Formerly Known As

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. I don't have the network so there was no way of me ever seeing this had they not shown a bit on YouTube.
    The series takes a wrestler and shows how they went from "ring name" to "ring name" in their career.
    This one shows how Heidi Lovelace became Ruby Riott.

    I actually thought she came off as hard when I seen her but she seems like a very sweet and genuine person.
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  2. They actually have a few more of these and they are pretty good as well.

    Actually, if you watch her stuff when she was Shimmer Tag Champ with Evie, now known as Dakota Kai, you can see more of her being well the oppsite of what she is on WWE as well dind older interbiews if her while she worked in the Indies as well.
  3. don't like this breaking kayfabe shtick
  4. ruby riott is my true best friend she means the absloute world to me she understands the hurt and pain my family has caused me as she too has been down that road and path as i have. she is their for me and im their for her. i tagged along with her in the interivew she did but stayed out of the way. my family they dont love me they dont care about me i am punk rock rebel heavily tatooted rebel pericing rebel like ruby. my family has told me i am a huge failure to them told me to leave and never come back. ruby riot you have changed my life i love you as a true friend should
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  5. Okay......
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  6. Shame she isn't in the MitB match this Sunday...

    *Shakes Head*
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  7. That's deep..

    And i was familiar with her old gimmick cause i follow Evie Team Slap Happy and Tag Champs at one point!
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  8. Well Jesus Christ. This is one hell of a post.
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  9. to have someone understand my pain means everything to me
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