Rules for Reboot:

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  1. Rules

    These are the rules we are going to implement. We will add others. These are the ones we have decided to make it more of a forum fed and give you more control

    Characters are pushed according to people's activity levels. We will produce preview cards and these will be looked at based on amount of responses in correspondence with the quality of the post. We will not count posts such as X > Y. Smilie only posts, images, videos etc.

    Title Matches are scheduled according to people' activity levels in preview cards. After the end of each month we will give the character of the most active user a championship match. The decision of this is based off the High Quality posts in the preview cards during that month between the creator of the champion & the challenger.

    RULE - If the challenger has been active for 2 consecutive months, but loses due to High Quality posts, the character cannot challenge for the title again for a period of time.

    Wins matter. We will be recording wins every week. The more active you are the more matches you will win. Characters will need a set amount of wins before they can challenge for the championship

    Inactive users will have their characters written off. The characters can return, but we must see some level of activity before we do so. If you are inactive for example: Vacation, studying for exam period, we will take them off without damaging their win/loss record. You must PM creative ahead of time so we know this.

    Write your own promos. We allow people to write their own promos. This will be a set amount of wins before we let you write your own promos

    Interview. Requested by yourself for your character. PM Creative to arrange this
  2. I do all my work in the ratings Sheldor and you know this meng. :dawg:
  3. I think wins should be considered by how the characters are. If it's just posts, people might just spam.
  4. We don't count spam posts. We look at the quality of the post, and those who posts HQ posts get the push rather than the people who spam
  5. Wonder if I'm a spammer? :hmm:
    Or if I'm just that damn good! :adr:
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