Rules of the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of the rules, You are very kind!
  2. With all the 6 man tag matches they do on Raw and Smackdown, I wish they would make them elimination every know and then. Theres something about the elimination factor that gets you more invested in the outcome.
  3. I would love to see the Big Show in those elimination matches, I can never get tired of seeing him turn on his partners every week/month! #Unpredictability
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  4. I wonder if this means The Wyatts are going to add a 5th member of their team since its promoting 5 on 5, if so I really hope Bo Dallas joins
  5. I'm fine with a 4-on-4 match, tbh. Bo Dallas doesn't fit the bill to be a part of The Wyatt Family, imo. He doesn't look like them and most importantly, he doesn't look intimidating, plus all he is now is a jobber. I guess if they wanna have a 5-on-5, then they could SHOCK us by clearing DB and have him join the family. But, I doubt it.
  6. I think Bo could have his character completely shift dramatically though and it would be better for him in the long run.

    Basically have his character have mental breakdown and become crazy and join the Wyatt. He will completely offer his services to Bray and change his morals from BOlieving to the power of fear. He can be that member of the stable who is always somehow interfering and costing whoever is challenging the Wyatt member their match by being quick and sneaky. And vice versa with his matches, he can start winning more because all 4 members of the Wyatt family would have his back. He's a real articulate guy so I think he could pull the character off really well.
  7. That's actually not a bad idea. If something like that were to happen, then I guess they could incorporate that Bo and Bray are real-life brothers into the storyline. Do I see this happening? Nope. But it's not like I'd lose sleep over it if it did. If anything, a guy (Bo) who can play a good heel should be booked better.
  8. Most certainly and when you really look a Bo, he definitely looks creepy enough to roll with the Wyatts.
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