Royal Rumble Rumble Moments You Want To See?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Jan 4, 2015.

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    One of the moments in the Royal Rumble match I would like to see is all three Shield members in the ring, face to face and brawling with each other. This would be the first time they have different paths and goal, so it would be an interesting sight to see. I would obviously see J & J security interfering, but Reigns and Ambrose would eliminate them quickly.


    Now it's pretty obvious they'll once again do a spot with Kofi Kingston during the match. It's been that way ever since John Morrison did his barricade leap. But this is the first time he is actually aligned in an alliance in which, they have the ability to save each other in a cool fashion. Xavier is pretty athletic himself and Big E can block an elimination by catching them or something along those lines. Should be interesting to see what they do.


    Since the Roster has been somewhat lackluster in star power to a point, I wouldn't want to see someone like them in it.

    Ex. The Los Matadores, Hornswoggle, Darren Young, etc.

    I think it's fair they should throw in someone down from NXT in there. Maybe Neville since he finally dropped the title. This is just a teaser, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll stick to the main roster until Wrestlemania is over.


    Another moment I would like to see is if The Wyatt Family do cross paths in the ring, it better be also when all three members of The Shield are. After they realize they are all face to face with each other, it goes back to The Shield Vs. Wyatt Family tease. (As in the picture)

    How about you guys?
  2. Same here.

    Kofi will prolly do some crazy stuff, as far as the NXT roster goes, I see Neville entering the Rumble, too.

    Other than that... I think I'll just wait and be surprised with some nice moments at the Rumble.
  3. A big return like Edge from 2010. I'd say someone who hasn't announced their return.
  4. If they didn't announce Bryan, he'd be the one.
    Orton wasn't gone long enough, so it's ehn.
  5. I always enjoy seeing Kofi's antics.. other than that maybe seeing Sami Zayn or Neville as surprise entrants... and watching to see what happens with Miz and Mizdow, I swear they have become one of the most entertaining things about the WWE these days.. especially Mizdow.
  6. DY eliminating Titus.
    Neville making a PPV debut.
    Erick and Luke Face to Face.
    A New Day and the former members of the shield standing in the ring all together at some point.
    Sandow throwing Miz over the ropes and then in turn taking himself over the rope.
  7. Backlund
  8. The Wyatt family
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  9. Reuniting? I'd love to see it.
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  10. Yep
  11. A face like Bryan eliminate themselves to keep a heel from ruining the RR
  12. I want to see Neville or another NXT guy be a surprise entrant and make a good showing, I'd also love to see Ambrose win it but that ain't happening.
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  13. Kofi botching his spot and getting eliminated through it
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  14. The one I'd wanna see/love the most is... Daniel Bryan winning! :bitw:
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  15. I would like to see HBK come out of retirement, and win the rumble. But insteadbof a title shot, he wants to go against HHH at wrestlemania, because he feels he is ruining all they built up.

    Probaly wont happen, but it would be entertaining
  16. I want to see Shelton Benjamin in the rumble, that'd be great
    Neville should be the NXT guy in it this year
    Mizdow will eliminate Miz by accident, then copy what he does and go over the top
    I dread this, but lets face it, the bunny will be an entrant and take out Adam Rose
    Instead of Kofi, give Neville the shot at the cool save, it gets stale if it's the same guy over and over again
  17. I want to see the Big Show win the Royal Rumble.
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  18. I want to see Roman and DB standing there toe-to-toe, the final 2 left in the Rumble. The crowd would be going crazy and love it. Have them go at it..and maybe even have a double elimination and the match has to restart.
  19. Having DB and Roman as the last two guys is interesting, but whoever gets eliminated, I'm not sure how that'd be accepted by the crowd. Would they hate it if Roman eliminated Bryan, or vice versa? I sure as hell have no problem with D-Bry winning the Rumble, I'll be rooting for him all the way.

    A double elimination, shades of 2005's RR, eh? Would love to see it, then have Vinnie Mac rush down to the ring all worked up and then break his quads once again. I'd be amused. lol
    But I doubt it's happening.
  20. yes, exactly. I watched the 2005 rumble again recently. And, yes, it would be great to see a double elimination. I think the crowd would be ultimately fine with it was they were fine with Batista winning even though they loved Cena, too, at the time.

    I'm sure it would be a torn crowd...but it would be fun to watch.
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