Rumble Pred.(Not Watched WWE in Ages)

Discussion in 'Royal Rumble' started by Lackin, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Hey up guys I'm sort of back for like the 50th time (Wonder how long for this time):brock4:

    Was talking to a colleague in work about who should win the rumble and bearing in mind I haven't watched WWE since Summerslam just browsed YouTube and kept in the loop on Twitter and I had an interesting idea.
    What if Seth Rollins was 1 of the last 4 in the rumble and the other 3 were heels or authority type people now apparently WWE is pushing Seth as the guy or whatever. So essentially it's a 3 on 1 encounter when suddenly Roman Reigns returns to help Seth. Now, this could be for a few reasons;
    1 - He hates Authority
    2 - He's a friend
    3 - He doesn't want to see Lesnar as Champion

    Would you like to see this happen?
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  2. I agree I think it is Seth's year to win the Royal Rumble.
  3. Yeah, Seth is the guy to win the Rumble. No one else takes the biscuit
  4. I guess you missed the news that Roman Reigns has leakemia. He's not helping anyone.. Seth is a front runner to win the Rumble anyway.
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  5. No one deserves it more than Seth but WWE are still after 'shocks' right? So a widely favoured wrestler may make Seth winning not as 'shocking' as they want it to be. Hopefully they act sensibily.