WrestleMania Rumor About Women's WM Title Matches *SPOILERS?*

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Feb 9, 2018.

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    This is something I just heard about and it is according to everyone's favorite guy... Meltzer.
    I am not sure where he heard this or how he got the news on it but...
    It would seem that Asuka will be taking on Charlotte for the SmackDown women's championship
    And Bliss will take on Nia Jax for the Raw women's championship.

    To answer your questions: Yes, Nia will become the new champ at Elimination Chamber (or Bliss retains and either way Nia will challenge her, which seems more likely) and no, Ronda will not be a part of either of the two belts during Wrestlemania. There is some speculation she will be involved with Stephanie in some form but who knows.
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  2. Wait Nia is gonna win the title at Elimination Chamber?
  3. *rates what rating* :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. That is a rumor, well this whole thing is a rumor so who knows. Just putting what I heard/read.
    I think it is more likely that she loses and faces her at WM and wins it there.
  5. Rumor or not, I believe Nia will squash Bliss and Win.
  6. Nia can't win the title at Elimination Chamber, she has a one on one match with Asuka
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  7. Unless Nia pulls a Edge in 2009
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    Yeah...this isn't really "news" as I've posted about this booking rumor
    in other threads already.

    I want to see Charlotte vs. Asuka...with Asuka going over or Carmella cashing in...
    Alexa vs. Nia...well...I honestly have no interest in that match what so ever.

    A performer who has been over pushed despite her lack of ring skills vs. A performer
    who I find incredibly boring & bland in & out of the ring.

    In saying that...I just want someone to take that belt of Alexa Bliss & keep it off her.

    Bliss has (of the day of me posting this) been on the main roster for 564 days...
    and has been a Champion for 388 of those days.

    In fact...if you don't include her Divas title run Alexa has actually been a more
    successful main roster champion than Charlotte.


    The only thing that could save Alexa vs. Nia would be Carmella cashing in...and
    like I've said in another post...this might be the way for the WWE to move Asuka
    to SmackDown & Carmella to RAW because lets be honest...Asuka has already
    defeated the entire RAW roster & moving her to SmackDown would allow her to
    have matches with Natalya, Naomi, Becky & Charlotte...plus it would help balance
    out the face/heel dynamic on the blue brand.

    The Bliss Push is really getting to me at this point...and I honestly wouldn't mind if
    she could put on a decent match...but she has no chemistry with anyone & for some
    reason "everyone" gives her a pass on that because of her mic skills & biscuit butt.

    Honestly...Alexa needs to drop the belt & in my heart I want Sasha to win it in the
    Elimination Chamber & have a title match with Asuka at Wrestlemania...but I doubt
    that will happen.

    Also...if Bliss is still Champion after the Elimination Chamber...then why would Asuka
    then go on to challenge Charlotte? She would simply challenge Alexa because she has
    already defeated her right?


    WWE...are you listening?

    You're going to make Asuka look like a idiot aren't you?
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  9. Just have Nia squash Bliss at Mania and Asuka defeat Charlotte.. Simple booking for the women.

    Maybe have a women's battle royal to like they do for the men every year with all the irrelevant women with no program.
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  10. Nia v Bliss is the same as Miz v Braun. Glorified squash match
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  11. Nia Would def Squash Bliss... No question about it.
    But Asuka Defeating Charlotte? Mmm...
    I'd like to see Charlotte be able to defeat Asuka. I mean, They are both really good Talent, But one can only vote for one woman to win, Right?
  12. And that's what Wrestlemania needs...Squash Matches...


    Although I did have an idea of how Alexa vs. Nia could work...
    but it still wouldn't be a very pretty match.

    So EVERYONE thinks Nia would simply squash Alexa...but
    why not (as a subversion of expectations) have Alexa simply
    lock Nia in a triangle choke hold every chance she gets &
    slowly wears Nia down until she's just about done...and then
    send Carmella out to take advantage by superkicking Jax
    out of the ring & locking the Code of Silence on Bliss for
    a successful cash in.

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but Bliss always
    taps out extremely fast when locked in a submission hold.

    It would kind of make sense for Carmella to cash in on the
    Alexa/Nia match rather than during or after Charlotte vs. Asuka.

    Of course this is all speculation/fantasy booking on my part.

    I still think Alexa vs. Nia will be terrible...especially for a Wrestlemania

    I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up on the kick off show to be honest.
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  13. Ya know, I completely forgot about this match. LOL
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  14. Tbf a few squash matches wouldn't be bad for Mania. Last year WrestleMania was an absolute chore to watch. HHH v Seth killed the crowd and did not need to go on for that long. Thank god for Goldberg Lesnar. That match saved Mania last year
  15. I guess...I just think 2 solid 1 on 1 match between Asuka & Sasha & Charlotte & Becky
    would be better for the women's division as a whole. I'm also curious to see how much
    ring time the ladies get this year as I believe the entire division was (metaphorically)
    fucked over at Wrestlemania 34...mainly due to the matches involving Shane McMahon
    & Triple H running 20 minutes or more.

    Oh...And in case you're wondering...I would have fixed that by booking a cross brand
    match between A.J Styles & Seth Rollins with the winner picking which brand they get
    to wrestle on. One less match, One fantasy match (which I would have opened the
    show with), No McMahon's near the ring at all & 20 minutes extra for the women.

    Also...the fact they are possibly going with Alexa vs. Nia with Carmella having the briefcase
    reeks of a Total Divas inspired Kevin Dunn suggestion from where I sit.
  16. I figure there's two good ways to get there from EC onwards.

    One is simply to do the correct match to do at 33, a year too late. With Bayley's win on Raw, I would have Bayley quickly eliminate Alexa in a surprise, have a quick stalemate, fine match with Sasha before the ring fills, Sasha gets 2-3 eliminations clean, then grabs a pair of brass knux (which Sonya took to the ring with her and got superkicked off by Mickie), Sasha would punch Bayley's lights out to win the belt. Heel it up gradually, talk shit week 1, come out with bling and cars week 5, etc on the way there and trust Ryan Ward to work his magic with Bayley again.

    The more realistic option is this mini-angle of how Alexa is trying to befriend the people in the Elimination Chamber as the female Miz, and trying to get an alliance formed quickly... Well she can start last, sneak an EC victory, then later on in the night she can run in and totally fuck over Nia Jax in her match with Asuka... Next night on Raw Asuka pseudo-turns heel by shaking her hand, thanking her for the opportunity, and going after the Smackdown championship and having a big old celebration as... Nia's terrible music hits, Asuka bails as Alexa is trapped in the ring and Nia starts to really punish Bliss. Beat her down before a quick backdoor escape leads you wanting more...

    Oh and fuck Ronda.
  17. This could still happen if Nia beats Asuka at EC and then its triple threat at WM for the Raws women's championship. But Asuka could just pull out and face Charlotte instead? Asuka vs Charlottote is the biggest match possible with the female roster so I hope they do it that way
  18. I would love to see these matches! I feel like Nia and Alexa would have a better storyline build than Alexa and Asuka would, and Asuka vs Charlotte would give the best in-ring action of all of the likely matchups.

    This would probably also lead to Asuka heading over to SD, which is good because the women especially are in a need of a shakeup due to the smaller roster sizes.
  19. Asuka v Charlotte would make Asuka beating Bliss clean on raw make way more sense
  20. The problem is...

    If Alexa retains at Elimination Chamber...why would Asuka challenge
    Charlotte if she's already defeated Alexa?

    It would make no logical sense & make Asuka look like an idiot...

    Plus logically any women on the roster would rather fight Alexa
    than Charlotte simply because Alexa is so much smaller.

    I swear Nia is going over Asuka to earn a title shot...that way
    Asuka would have a reason to not challenge Alexa because
    Nia would be in the match at Wrestlemania.