Rumor: Another ROH guy possibly WWE bound

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Whilst the article says that it isn't a contract there is a lot of skepticism around it, mainly due to the size of the envelope. A 1099 form fits in a regular postal envelope, the one in the pic is a 8x10 envelope. They are mostly used to send 8x10 photos or multiple page contracts. We'll see what happens. :obama:

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  2. :meh: He doesn't interest me.
  3. I've never watched him, so can't comment on that.
  4. Decent in ring. Can cut some pretty impressive promos when he wants to.
  5. Sounds good enough then, considering he'd spend a lot of time on development.
  6. He was also the guy who brought Rollins into ROH as Tyler Black. They ran a pretty successful stable called Age of The Fall.
  7. Well, love think he can be great, but like Rollins he'll start in NXT and the he'll grow up in WWE, if he gets to WWE wish he makes it great!!
  8. Oh, just noticed, it's Jimmy Jacobs (had only read Zombie Princess lol), I heard about him before. Yeah, would be a good addition.
  9. Hmmm interesting choice if true.......
  10. interesting to see where he would fit into wwe if he ever did sign.
  11. Someone needs to post some matches/promos from the guy. 99% of the forum most likely have no idea who he is.
  12. [video=youtube][/video]
    These two are favorites of mine when it comes to Jacobs.

    When he was feuding with John Moxley (now Dean Ambrose) in DGUSA.
  13. Great fit. Should be an awesome promo guy and a unique character if nothing else.
  14. It seems like he'll be a good addition to the roster. It's great to see WWE hiring wrestlers with the wrestling ability.
  15. [video=dailymotion][/video]

    Figured I'd throw out a match as well. Jacobs and Tyler Black (Now Seth Rollins) vs El Generico and Kevin Steen for the ROH tag belts.
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