Rumor: Could Brandon Jacobs Sign with TNA?

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  1. According to a story by FOX Sports, TNA President Dixie Carter has already begun talks with New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs about a post-football career in her company.

    "If you watch Brandon on Impact Wrestling, you'll see he has instincts you can't teach and a real talent for this business,” Carter told FOX Sports in an email. “We have already been talking about life after his football career and are both very excited about the potential.”

    Dixie said the same on twitter. Jacobs is good, I'm all for it.
  2. That's the guy who pushed Ray right? Haven't seen the last 2 episodes. This netbook sucks.
  3. Yeah, chokeslammed him last night through the table, and manhandled him last week. Badass.
  4. Does anyone know if he has any experience what so ever? Or is he just coming in because he's played in the NFL?
  5. He chokeslammed Ray or the other way around?
  6. Yes, he chokeslammed Ray. Very good chokeslam, gotta admit. His promo was also very well delivered for someone who doesn't do mic or wrestling for living. Good stuff from him, and somewhat talented for wrestling.
  7. Meh that stuff annoys me. Footballer randomly being tougher than Ray.
  8. I know wrestlers are treated like shit when the celeb comes in and I hate that, but Jacobs isn't random, he's heavier and bigger than Ray. And when you look more badass than Ray, then you're real deal.
  9. I could see him becoming a decent talent if he goes through the proper training. His promo was awful last night though. I've seen post game interviews from him that were much more entertaining

    as far as Jacobs being randomly tough, uhhhhhhhhhh

    He's like 6'4 250 IRL, not a wrestler being billed at that size. He's a tough guy
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