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  1. sir alex ferguson could be retiring at the end of the season with david moyes coming in fergies making a statement at the end of the swansea game also david moyes odds have been slashed on him being the next manager

    What do you think? Bs or is he really leaving?
  2. He's having a hip replacement at the end of the season, that is confirmed. The rumor is that Moyes will become caretaker manager whilst SAF is out then become full time, the odds for Moyes were 2/1 a few days ago, would love to see Moyes at United, he's a fantastic manager and a painfully underrated one at that. Too early to say yet but I definitely could see it happening.
  3. The bookies slashing the odds of Moyes taking over is so people go crazy betting on him, then when he doesn't, they make more money. #Bookies101
  4. its 1/2 now be funny if they snatched mourinho from under chelseas nose
  5. Thought this was about my penis.

    He won't retire.
  6. Thought this was about Crayo's penis.

    He won't retire.
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  7. He's retired.

    Lets hope we steal Jose from under Chelsea's nose.
  8. Crayo seems to think Giggs or Guardiola.

    And for the record I told Crayo last night he was going to wake up today and SAF would have retired.
  9. I am surprised, the best thing they could do is bring Motes in for the next 5 years and groom neville for the next 5 years or so as his assistant. He's good on sky but this is the job he could relish.
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  10. i actually can't believe its happening can't wait to see how utd cope next season i think they'll struggle tbh
  11. If they bring Giggs in I can see them struggling. Moyes in charge of a big team will be interesting.
  12. It wont be Guardiola, of course! I'm thinking Moyes will take over, he can build a team for a long term, like Fergie. Moyes or Mourinho are the two who it could be, but I think United have a replacement done already!
  13. No way it'll be Pep lol, no Idea why he thinks so.
  14. Mourinho for me. Why else would he say "They deserve to be there, I love them" etc. after Madrid knocked them out of the champions leauge. He looked genuinely upset. Think he wanted Fergie to have a league/europe double knowing he was going to retire and the end of the season.

    Still get odds of 100/30 for Mourinho, which is like :shock:
  15. Me neither. He said that Fergie met him numerous times in New York during Pep's hiatus after Barca, and he was grooming him to be next or some shit.
  16. It'd be a slight surprise if it is Jose tbh, I'm expecting him to head over to Chelsea still. It's the whole place where I'm loved idea and how crazy the fans are for him you know?

    Still those odds are tempting lol just on the off chance.
  17. id like ole gunner solsjaer to takeover anyone else?
  18. Moyes is the perfect fit, it's time for him to take over, and as I said earlier, United has probably already appointed Fergie's replacement, the question is who.
  19. I said Moyes you Sunderfag
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