TLC Rumor Killer: Roman Reigns to Replace Dean Ambrose in WWE TLC Match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 8, 2014.

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    No, just NO!
  2. No.

    I don't believe this anyway, but no.
  3. Well after tonights show, it ain't happening. Actually though, here in Chicago, TV commercials of RAW's holiday tour are saying Roman Reigns is returning.
  4. Reigns getting involved here would create even more of a build up for Ambrose & Bray at the RR.. I wouldn't be opposed to Reigns having to take his place tbh.. I think this Bray/Dean thing should be going on for quite some time.
  5. Here's to hoping it doesn't happen.
  6. I think either Reigns or Orton will get involved in Rollins/Cena match, tbh. But we'll see.

    As far as him getting involved in Wyatt/Ambrose, that sits well with me, as long as he doesn't take Dean's spot.
  7. If true, between the superstar of the yearlolwin and the burial he would give Bray Wyatt, Reigns really could be Cena 2.0, no argument could deny it.
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  8. With them announcing that Dean is completely fine to wrestler I don't believe he'll be replaced, but yeah I'd much rather take an involvement in the match rather than just straight up replacing him.
  9. Agreed 100%
  10. It won't happen. What happened is that Bryan was baffled at the thought of Dean just no-selling this theoretically life-threatening injury when he watched SD so I guess he was just discussing with Dave whether they would just do this stupidity or perhaps come up with something that makes sense. Obviously not gonna happen because Dean not only no-sold the injury but he also cut a promo (with a normal voice) and beat Bray on Raw so lol.
  11. It was stupid to do it in the first place.

    Ambrose sold this injury as much as Cena sold his match against Orton at TLC. #SupermanPowers
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