Rumor On Dolph Ziggler Possibly Leaving WWE Soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 20, 2015.

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    Yeah, this ain't the first rumor of DZ leaving the company soon, so... Let's see how it turns out this time.
  2. What more does he want than getting paired up with Lana to keep him around?
  3. At least he isn't a full time jobber like before.
  4. Umm, a WWE-WHC title run? That's what everyone wants, right?
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  5. Lana > WWE-WHC title.
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  6. Yeah, well... We'll see about that if he doesn't end up re-signing the contract.
  7. If he left, I do think he'd spend his time in stand-up and do part time wrassling.
  8. Old news, Dolph's called this years ago. :dawg:

    seriously though, about time he stopped concussing himself against that glass ceiling
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  9. People still wanna see Ziggler win the WWE Championship? There's so many other guys that I'd rather see carry the strap right now than him.

    I'm personally indifferent as to whether he stays or leaves. On one hand, he's a fine talent (in the ring, that is... He's atrocious when he has a mic in his hand) and it certainly doesn't hurt to always have someone like that around, even if you reduce them to being only a "good hand." On the other hand, there's clearly a glass ceiling as far as Ziggler ever getting a main event push is concerned (and history has shown that if you've been around for as long as Dolph has and still haven't been pushed to the top yet, it's never going to happen), and there's not much else he can do in the midcard that we haven't already seen a bunch of times before, like winning his billionth Intercontinental Title. I also don't care for them associating Lana with him either. It's doing more to ruin her than it is to help him. (The irony of that whole storyline is that Rusev limping around on crutches stalking Lana is currently the most entertaining thing about it.)

    I'd love to see Ziggler in Lucha Underground. And it'd probably be better for him too, because he wouldn't have the same hectic schedule that WWE demands, and he could always use his other days off to pursue his stand-up comedy gigs.
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  10. I'll never let Ziggler go lol. It hurts that he'll be a "What If" guy as time goes forward.
  11. Ziggler should hold the belt at least one more time. He's the modern day Shawn michaels if you ask me. I'm sure he won't really leave but he could make any talent look good.

    Him vs Brock? Could you imagine that shit? It would be great. He deserves to be more of a front runner and can still sell like no other.
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  12. I like the guy but it really wouldn't be the end of my world if he did leave.
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  13. ^
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  14. Finally. Let the man focus on his obvious passion, comedy.
  15. The two things DZ wants from Lana? What every real man wants: spankings and oral sex.

    Seriously, I could see Ziggler in TNA (he's one hell of a hand in the ring, very good on the mic, and just the kind of guy TNA could misuse the hell out of) and I could see him being very popular in Lucha Underground (assuming LU is still around after its first season), or probably work out pretty well in ROH. Any of these promotions would also allow him to pursue other passions outside of the ring. Either way, in WWE or elsewhere, I don't think we'll be lacking for our DZ-fix.

  16. I can't picture Ziggler leaving WWE and fucking with the indies. He has often referred to himself as a comedian who pays the bills with wrestling. He doesn't seem like the type to burn out in WWE and then go small time.
  17. One can only hope.
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  18. Dolph is probably sick of being paired up with people, he's hardly on his own, If it's not Lana, it's Vickie, it's Big E, he's dancing with the Spirit Squad.. Dolph likely wants a solo main-event push and WWE is not giving it to him.

    But still, i won't miss him if he leaves.
  19. Ok, I got two disagrees about Dolph & Lana. All I'm saying is, if I was paired up with Lana, I wouldn't complain! :21-1:
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  20. Me, neither, home skillet.

    I don't know what I'd do to Lana, but I know it'd take two...maybe three seconds, tops.

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