Rumor On The Incident That Led To WWE Releasing Goldust

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Source: PWMania
  2. In the end, we have to realize one thing. Don't give big spots to be handled by rookies in the lowercard. Only give them to Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins :emoji_grin:
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  3. F4Wonline says..... Nuff said right there. #Rumorzzz
  4. If true though, then it's pretty sad.
  5. So O'Neil and Young botched the move, and Goldust gets fired? It's not like it was his fault. Well, I guess someone had to take the blame for it.
  6. Titus and Darren should be fired for their awful theme song lol. " Get it get it get it get it get it"
  7. Everything they do atm is gold. Dunno why I like them so much :S.
  8. WTF... why would gold dust get fired for a ROOKIE botching a move. mistakes happen. this isn't true.
  9. It's WWE. People have been fired for less.
  10. Everyone knows how much WWE values Yoshi Tatsu. Sorry Goldy, ya had to go.
  11. :lol1:
  12. If one man is bigger then the WWE it is Yoshi Tatsu. The beater of Sheamus.
  13. Re: RE: Rumor On The Incident That Led To WWE Releasing Goldust

    Really sad about that. :/// They value a low-carder than a actual legend? Fuck WWE logic. :huh:

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  14. I'm not sure that I believe that article. Goldust gets fired for someone else botching a move that they agreed to do?
  15. There could be some truth to this actually. When was the last time we saw a standing powerbomb that wasn't the Tombstone. Sheamus has stopped using the Celtic Cross, Tensai only does sitting powerbomb. Swagger hasn't used his powerbomb in a long time. It might be that the WWE have deemed the powerbomb a too unsafe move to use and Rhodes, being the booker got fired for telling talent to use a move they are not allowed to use. Just a thought.
  16. If this is true then Vince needs to shake his head. Like I am SMH.
    Maybe if you didn't put f'n amateurs in the ring people wouldn't face risk of injury like that. Whether Goldust approved it or not.
  17. To be honest he is a proper jerk (Goldust).
  18. I don't think standing powerbombs are banned. I'm pretty sure I saw one some other day, but I don't remember the match. It's not a dangerous move.
  19. Why would they ban a standing powerbomb? I fail to see how it's any more dangerous than most other moves.
  20. That bump was so awful..
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