Rumor on the next NXT peeps to get the call up

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Give my Wyatt and the Ascension please. Big E works too, just keep him away from Ryback. Bo could use some more work though to be honest, unless they just want to use him as the long haired guy that finishes people off with the spear.

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  2. Bring up Bray for sure.
    The Ascension I'm not sure about, the character works and they can be great heels, but they're so dull in the ring...
    Big E can be interesting, wonder if the 5-count will get over on Raw like it has on NXT
    Boo on Rotundo, he needs a lot of work.
  3. Yeah Rotundo needs a lot of more work, he's young though (22 I think) so he has time on his side. Wyatt can still run his NXT stable, he just needs to appear on the tron instead of in person.
  4. Ascention are great in the ring imo, they actually use tag-team moves which is shocking now'adays.

    Bring up Brtay, Ascention and Big E. Fuck Bo Dallas I swear, I have more charisma in my anal hair.
  5. Anal Hair? :wtf:
  6. If I was WWE I'd just punt Dallas now. Yeah he's only 22, but he's got zero charisma and Mic ability and if I were them I wouldn't hold onto him in case he gets 'it' one day.

    Not a massive fan of langston getting called up, he may struggle with Ryback just breaking through. The other 3 are a definite yes though.
  7. See a lot of Prime Time Players in them, obviously much better as a team, great characters, but in the ring they're dull individually. Either way the gimmick is so unique and Raw desperately needs something like that so won't complain.

    Who named him Bo Dallas anyway? That has to be the worst wrestling name ever lmao.
  8. I lol @ Crayo constantly spelling Ascension wrong. He loves them so much he doesn't care how he spells it
  9. Ascension and Wyatt yes. Big E I wouldn't bring up because of Ryback. Bo needs work.
  10. Ascention would get over so fast. Spelling it wrong again.
  11. I find Dean and Seth to be extremely overrated by the iwc more indie dudes taking up spots over other guys who have been in the WWE for years.

    They shouldn't bring any more people up until they can get it right with the current superstars they have. How many mid card feuds are there?

    I wish Vince would stop listening to the iwc they don't buy ppvs or even watch RAW or SD on TV. Reason why the ratings are struggling because the main guy is a iwc darling. Casual fans don't watch indie wrestling.

    Something about seeing two guys wrestling in a gym of ten people just throws me and other casual fans off.

    So if they do decide to bring up more NXT ''peeps'' they'll more than likely get a slight push and then ignored. They'll be jobbing to Sheamous,Punk,Cena in no time. :damn:
  12. Acsencion are awesome and should defo move up for when Team Hell No move on to the title picture or DB anyways. Plus Big E is awesome check the sig. An yes the five count woukd get over an that finisher looks brutal.
  13. Would like to see them all. Especially Wyatt..

    Funny how the reporter mixed up the Rotunda's their names.. :haha:
  14. Oh he did? I noticed something strange, I was sure Windham was Wyatt. Good to know.
  15. Yeah, Windham is Wyatt. :dawg:

    Silly reporter.
  16. Overrated? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

    It's important to remember that WWE is in a period of transition right now. Vince has started to relinquish control to HHH, who is taking more and more creative responsibility. This is a net positive for the grown-ups that watch, as he seems to be more convinced in the adult audience (hence storylines like the AJ-Cena-Vicki-Dolph one or the Ryback-Punk-"Heyman Guy" stable, neither of which would not really appeal (or, for that matter, would be unsuitable for children). Meanwhile, look at the Miz, Kofi, R-Truth, Cesaro, all wrestlers whose characters have started to deepen and become more defined. How can you not like that?

    :lol1: at thinking Vince listens to the IWC. HHH pays some attention to the IWC. Punk listens to the IWC, but mainly for promo material. Bryan listens to the IWC. So do some of the other wrestlers and commentators. Very few people at corporate know what the IWC actually exists.

    I'm not entirely sure that Vince has more than cursory knowledge of the fact that the IWC has opinions. He believes he knows more than anybody in the IWC, so, even when he does listen to the opinions expressed here (and elsewhere), he typically disregards any opnion he doesn't agree with. That's why it took so long for Punk to be seriously pushed and even longer or him to be recognized as the ME talent he is and has proven to be in every promotion he's been a part of. He's never going to be the corporate champion, but he does play to those more "adult" fans (those over the age of 12) who haven't been brainwashed into thinking indie wrestling is a bunch of guys wrestling in a dimly-lit gym in front of 30 people.

    For those who have been brainwashed, they're the other side of the equation. While people like me cheer hard for Punk, Ambrose, Rollins, people (like you, apparently) will always cheer hard for whoever the "Superstar of the Week/Month/Year" is (Cena, Ryback, Orton, Sheamus). The best part for the WWE brass is that they make money off of both sides.

    HHH has said repeatedly that NXT "peeps" won't be brought up until there's a program for them to work. What that means is that when guys like Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, the Ascension, etc., are to be brought up, they won't just be immediately buried and be sent back down or outright released within six months. This gives many of us (who care about things like storylines) hope that talented wrestlers like Rollins, Ambrose, etc., are revealed (like at Survivor Series), they'll actually be around for a while, if they prove themselves. If they don't, there's always TNA.

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  17. I love this man.
  18. Vince trolls the IWC to be honest, lol. He doesn't give a damn about us because he knows we don't make him any money.
  19. I like to think he appreciates us for investing emotionally in the product, but hates us for not investing financially.
  20. You think Vince cares about people who emotionally invest in his product? :haha:
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