News Rumor on the script for this week's RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. PWinsider.

    Well there was a noticeable difference compared to weeks before. Do you buy this and if so, what is your opinion?
  2. I hope they use Colter more creatively, he has a phenomenal mind for the business. Look at the Knockouts in TNA for example. I buy it was rewritten with those two in mind due to it being a very good show and I hope it continues.
  3. Did they change last weeks script as well? Paul Heyman knows what he's doing and I have full faith in his abilities, Wayne was creative at TNA for 6 years so he knows what he's doing. End of the day if it's making the product better i'm all for it. I'd like to know what Vince isn't happy about like.
  4. They didn't change last weeks script for what i know. Obviously there were rewrites but not in this way/manner.

    And getting Zeb and Paul in on the creative process would be great. I'm not sure on if Vince would give Heyman full booking power but he should at least be an advisor/voice in the process. As long as it doesn't burn them out considering they are on screen characters as well.
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  5. I wouldn't give Heyman full control either, the entire culture shift he'd offer isn't required. His input blending in with Vince's / HHH's (I'd hope this one more) and Zeb's would work better.
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  6. Let's see if Vince sticks with this if it is true.

    But they need to get Steph out of creative, she's great for PR and media so she should handle that. Then put someone with an eye for the business as head of creative, wether it is a wrestler or a TV writer who just knows how to take wrestling stories and make good TV doesn't matter. As long as it is someone who understands the business or is willing to learn it from veterans.
  7. Triple H would be perfect as head of creative, I hope Roberts / Hall now they're cleaned up got in shape are put in too. Hall for example is the perfect example of knowing when to take popular media as the template (Scarface and The Crow) and evolve them in such a way they become staples of wrestling.
  8. Makes sense why it was so good. Give Heyman a raise
  9. Heyman and Colter are indeed two great wrestling minds, no surprise it was good.
  10. Well that indeed explains why the show was better than usual. They should listen to these 2 more.
  11. PWInsider strongly denied this on Twitter yesterday. This report is false.
  12. Well, seems like either Vince isn't completely senile yet, HHH booked it or maybe creative got a little bit of freedom and they don't suck so bad then.
  13. Consulting with actual former pro wrestling bookers causes the quality of the show to improve? What a shock.

    I echo a couple of statements here, such as that Stephanie should just transition from being the EVP of Creative to being used mainly for PR and media with the bullying campaign and the stuff with special children, etc. She could still have a little creative input here and there, of course, especially with her own character when she's on-screen.

    I also agree about Hall (and maybe Roberts) being used for creative input in the future. Hall came up with the Razor Ramon character (Vince thought he was a genius in real life for inventing it), Sting's transformation into the Crow-like character who waited in the rafters for the right time to strike, he also came up with some of the more important traits of the New World Order back in the day, like spray painting NWO on people's backs and doing the hand/kliq sign. A lot of people from Eric Bischoff to JJ Dillion to Jim Ross and others say how brilliant of a creative mind Scott Hall is.

    Edit: Just saw Crayo's post. What a disappointment.
  14. <Vince reads positive Raw reviews
    >Vince 'leaks' to dirtsheet that he rewrote the entire show
    >dirtsheet prints reports
    >Vince looks like a genius

    what a wise old bastard he is
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