Rumor: Orton Suffered A Low Grade Concussion + Backstage Heat On Del Rio & Sheamus

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 24, 2013.

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    According to a WWE source, Randy Orton legitimately sustained a low grade concussion during his match against Alberto Del Rio at last week's Smackdown taping.

    Although Alberto Del Rio does not have heat with Vince McMahon or Triple H, WZ was told that Del Rio does have backstage heat with talent in the locker room, as Orton is not the first person Del Rio has injured during his WWE run.

    In related news, WZ was told Sheamus has heat with the talent because, according to multiple sources, he was "the only pain in the ass in the MITB Ladder Match" and was only worried about his own spots and not helpful in putting the match together.

    ^^^ Alberto Del Rio seems to be injuring alot of wrestlers lately Vince should be pissed off at him

    Sheamus only caring for his own safety doesnt surprise me at all he kissed HHH's ass to get to the main roster, to get that fast push and to get the WWE title so him not caring about other wrestlers safety in a ladder match just shows what kind of guy he is
  2. Sheamoose can kiss the hairiest part of my ass. Sorry Crayo.
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  3. Sheamus made the match interesting imo. Without Sheamus the match would have been boring. That's why I voted for him in the poll we had...
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  4. Loved sheamus spots at MITB.
  5. Wrestlezone lol.
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  6. I think the other MITB participants were only pissed off that he dod betyer that them.

    If they all focused on what THEY had to do, maybe the match would've been better.

    Also props to ADR for taking Orton out
  7. Bitchy wrestlers are bitchy.
  8. So many concussions these days.
  9. Bunch of little girls there days.
  10. Alberto Del Heato
  11. :meh:
  12. only god can judge me
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    there is no god

  14. Bullshit, he's right here:

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  15. Tony Iommi says hi.
  16. shut up dick
  17. tell tony to eat dick
  18. I wish my man speedy recovery!
  19. Wish it were true, but fuck Wrestlezone, and fuck Sheamus.
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