Rumor points towards Vince being retarded

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Ziggler as a face would kill his career in my opinion. Vince GTFO.

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  2. If it's true he has a good point. My little mark of a brother, who passionately cried when Ziggler "retired" Jericho can't help but not still like him a lot. I don't know if he'd make a good face or not, but I'm sure he'll be over with the crowd heaps.

    Although, I felt the same way with Miz. And his run hasn't turned out the best.
  3. true. But to be fair Miz hasn't really done anything as a face yet. It seems like they finally have a plan for him so his face run might actually kick off now. Same could be done with Ziggler but I fear that we will lack top talent heels if he turns.
  4. I'd prefer if he stayed heel, but I don't think it would ruin his career if he went face. I think he could make it work. He already gets a lot of pops.
  5. I can't picture Dolph as a face but if it was done well I could get on board with it. Personally I can't see his current storyline going in the direction of face though.
  6. How would being a face kill his career? His career is based around selling and his ability in ring. Being a face doesn't alter that.
  7. He can actually stop jobbing and start winning matches if he ever turns face.
  8. I think Ziggler has the versatility to be a quality heel or face. I'm not sure why they would think about changing it up now though. He seems like he is just now hitting his stride.
  9. If this happens they'll probably do it after he becomes WHC. He can finally rid himself of AJ and Langston by turning on them, thus getting a huge pop.
  10. Dolph should be champion by now nevermind him face or heel give him the damn title he has earnt his spot and has the MITB briefcase let him cash in
  11. In the New York market... :facepalm:
  12. Seriously Vince, retire.
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  13. New York market? Come on Vince, it's not 1983 anymore. Wouldn't want to see Ziggler as a face at this point, but then again, I wouldn't have aligned him with AJ and wouldn't even have brought up Big E from developmental now. Let's wait until McMahon screws him up and see if he can make it work.
  14. Wrestling fans are the greatest trolls ever. WWE books him (and Sheamus, really) in a way to make him an unintentional top face, and the guy's so entertaining that the fans can't help but cheer him... so then they'd turn him face and he'll cut Cena promos with a fucked up moveset, and the fans will find him boring and boo the life out of him.

    Well, it's not the wrestling fans that are bad...
  15. I've said this numerous times now, but Ziggler's best role would undoubtedly be the tweener role, he'd get over as hell doing what he is just now basically, only with all heel traits removed (apologies if I came across as patronising there as I essentially explained what a tweener is). But you just absolutely know that Vince would give him the severely outdated superface character. Still, Ziggler'd make it work somehow.
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  16. He could be a ''heelish'' face..

    I mean, the dude gets pops everywhere. Just let him be the arrogant show off he is, turn him, etc... But don't change anything about his gimmick/persona.

    There is a good side, there could be some awesome matches between him and some heel superstars..
  17. DZ will be a GREAT face.
  18. Hope he turns at Mania. 80k in MetLife would love it
  19. Ziggler has just started his main event heel run IMO, to cut it short would be disappointing. The only reason I could see Ziggler being face is f he were going to be the face of the WWE, which I highly doubt. I think Ziggler should finish up a heel run after maybe the rumble and have AJ turn on him. I'm not sure how Ziggler would do as a face though, hard seeing it
  20. I believe I'm a part of that market, i reside in that area, so....:finger:
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