Royal Rumble RUMOR: Reigns has a stomach virus

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Roman Reigns was photographed vomiting last night at the show in Trenton. Word is he has the flu or a stomach virus, but will still continue to make all appearances.

    Source: People tweeting the pic after the house show.​

  2. It happens, especially during this time of year.. If it's anything like the virus I had recently he should be cleared up yet partially exhausted by the time the Rumble happens, although him performing through it rather than being pulled may prolong it.
  3. I can see them holding Reigns back to enter at 27-30 just in case he won't get overworked. Nobody wants him throwing up in the middle of the ring, unless he throws up on Rusev. That'd be cool.
  4. Yep, horrible timing but he can come in late if he's well enough and just throw a few guys over (although pushing the Big Show over alone, like I thought he would, probably isn't happening).

    Possibility is he just ate something a tad bit dodgy but is recovering. Hopefully he'll be okay to throw Big Show over, and then GET KICKED IN THE HEAD BY D-BRY. :ambrose:
  5. Damn, crappy timing.

    Just like D-Bry last year, when everything was going good for him... He got some shit luck.

    Hopefully this is nothing serious and Roman gets back to work with no health issues.

    Get well soon, big man.

    This also has me wondering if maybe they are going to keep him as a late entrant in the Rumble... We'll see, I guess.
  6. Bad time for it to happen, but it may not be that bad. Although depending on what it is he may be fine by tomorrow.
  7. Many have worked PPVs sick. It'll probably be what Shadow says and he'll enter later on in the night.
  8. ^This. Reigns worked the last rumble sick for example.
  9. ...Or he could be wetting his hair?
  10. Hopefully, he's alright to work tonight.

    But his health is more important than what we want.

    Get well soon, big man.

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