Rumor: What PPVs will TNA Be Scrapping?

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  1. According to Wrestling Observer(!),

    the planned PPVs to be scrapped are February's Against All Odds and September's No Surrender PPV. With Lockdown now taking place in March, eliminating these two PPVs would allow extra time to build to both Lockdown and Bound For Glory. Without No Surrender, the BFG Series finals would have to take place on an episode of IMPACT next year. There is no word on if there will be other PPVs scrapped along with these two.

    Obviously, good news.:obama:

    Less is more indeed.
  2. Very nice way to build up to the big ones.
  3. Wish WWE would do the same thing. One PPV every month makes build so much harder to do.
  4. I'm fine with this.
  5. Pretty good then, less pay-per-views does lead to bigger build ups as they say, plus we don't need tons and tons of pay-per-views.
  6. You take, lets say, 10k (the buyers) x 35$ (average price), and you get 350k$ for one B-PPV. When you pay wrestlers, providers and everything, you get about 100-150k of pure profit.

    Bottom line is this, PPVs bring some badass money to the company, whether it's 12 or 15 of them. From the booking side, it's a LOT better. From a business side, I hope this pays off.
  7. Indeed, it may help business-wise, because theoretically, less PPVs means more time to build the ones that are left, and better builds should result in more buys.
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  8. My understanding is fans of wrestling will buy Wrestlemania, even if Vickie Guerrero were closing the show with Pee Wee Herman

    The more importance a show has the more views/buys.

    WWE's 1st financial quarter (when it includes Mania) blows every other quarter out of the water.

    Having a proper format/build has proven to make up for an otherwise terrible financial year. If the E can do it, TNA can try and emulate it
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  9. Lockdown happening a month before Wrestlemania = great move.
  10. Why do you say that?

    Great move by TNA, really wish WWE would do the same.
  11. BFG in October = also great move

    If this plan goes well, BFG's build could compete with one of the big 4 and gradually move its way up through.

    These are long shots, but should be on the minds of TNA brass when shooting out long term goals
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  12. Because, believe it or not, some people who follow both TNA and WWE, will not buy Lockdown after Wrestlemania passes. Now, when the table is turned, some people (I'm guessing thousands of them) who still want to pay for both PPVs, can still pay for Lockdown and still save some extra money for WM, because Lockdown comes about 20ish days before WM next year. That's why it's a great move.
  13. Eliminating 2 pay per views to further boost the purpose of the feud makes sense. TNA did a smart move on this one.
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