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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by MsDivaKnockouts, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Many rumors have been going around about the WrestleMania match card. Post the ones you have found here. I will also post mine. Most of mine are from bleacherreport.com.

    John Cena vs The Rock
    World Heavy Weight Championship Match
    WWE Championship Match

    Money In The Bank Match

    WWE Divas Championship
    Kharma vs Beth Phoenix

    WWE Divas Championship
    Kharma vs Beth Phoenix vs Natalya

    Undefeated Streak Match
    Undertaker vs Triple H

    Undefeated Streak Match
    Undertaker vs Triple H (Shawn Micheals Guest Ref)

    WWE Championship
    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

    Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal

    Triple H vs CM Punk

    Undefeated Streak
    Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
  2. That divas match actually might prevent me from using it as a piss-break. I'd love to see those 3 go at it.
  3. I think the Diva's match should be amazing if it's them 3.

    I think if they don't do Ziggler vs Foley, they might just make Ziggler win the Money in the Bank.
  4. Best ever. No

    WM17 had one of the best undercards I've ever seen.

    WM17 had legit midcarders who tore it out

    I don't see a rumored match for WM28 with any real midarders who can really light it up
  5. I just want to see the HIAC between Taker and Trips. That's all.
  6. Might make what's going to be a borefest a decent match.
  7. Triple H vs CM Punk

    Undefeated Streak
    Undertaker vs Chris Jericho

    None of these will happen, at least not at this WM.
  8. Taker/HHH (HBK as Guest Ref.) and Kharma/Beth are 99.9% guaranteed.
  9. 0.01% chance we get to see Eugene vs Boogeyman in the main event of WM.
  10. I do hope they use this wrestlemania to turn Cena heel. The ingredients are there. Given, I know he pushes merchandise for the company at an incredible rate, and the guy is a work horse. But running the same gimmick for the last seven years.. It's grown entirely stale. I'm not a big Cena fan, but the guy does put in work.

    My thought is with mania being in Florida this year the crowd is going to be entirely marked Rocky. Reminds me of mania x-7 in Texas.. Remember that Austin crowd? Even when he turned heel and destroyed the rock with the chair, the crowd went nuts. I think having Cena turn heel will reinvigorate the program, and in thus bring more ratings as those who turned away from predictable programming will be inclined to watch again.
  11. Since when was MiTB coming back to WM?

    Don't get me wrong, that's exactly where it should be.
  12. Was reported multiple times last month I think. I think the PPV is getting abolished and MITB is remaining at WM. All reports though however.
  13. MiTB PPV is reportedly being replaced by Over The Limit or Bragging Rights.

    WWE also discussed over the past few weeks of having a 'Champions only' MiTB match at Mania this year. 6 Competitors, and only ex world champions as a result of cashing in the briefcase can participate.
  14. That sounds really dumb to be honest. We want someone new people to win... Like Kingston or Cara.
  15. It's been replaced by TLC with Armageddon taking the December spot according to WIKI. It's not the best source but it seems plausible from my perspective. The people who've cashed in before sounds dumb. Who can you have from the current roster? Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane, Swagger, Miz and ADR? Punk's tied up with Jericho for one so it's impossible. Unless RVD or Kennedy return.
  16. Kennedy rumoured for a return?
  17. This I'd like!

    Regards PPV's should be Armageddon that makes a return!

    Also I'm starting to think recently that King of the Ring done well would be a nice addition as MITB getting stale imo so KOTR gives that shot but makes a change to the constant oh he's KO'd lets cash in of recent years. Switch it between the two!
  18. Armageddon is such a great name for a PPV.

    As for KOTR, that's nice. Though having someone have the ability to cash in twice a year means quite a few title changes.
  19. True but I think the multiple title changes are becoming a bore! I want a real feud with the title slowly but surely switching between ppl with a built up feud of months and months get the rite ppl it works! ADR jesus smacked of desperation why not build ppl slower an have huge feuds involving factions and all that again for a while?
  20. I don't think so. RVD seems the most likely, if I remember rightly his contract expires in March. It would need to be one of them two if they went with the ex winners stip.
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