Rumor: WWE's Reaction to TNA Going on the Road

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. According to sources citing PWInsider,

    as a reaction to TNA taking their shows on the road permanently, WWE is trying to lock up an assortment of arenas into exclusive deals to prevent TNA shows from taking place in them. WWE will also be running more Thursday Live Events (the day that IMPACT Wrestling will air). We have not seen the original report so we don't know how credible to story is.

    Somebody is cranky I see ::mad2:
  2. Dammit Vince, competition is good for business, stop taking burial advice from :bury:
  3. What a stupid thing is WWE gonna do if this is true, make another 40 minutes time length to make TNA fail in their try? Such as stupid, I preferred WWE when there was only Raw and Smackdown, now with all that promotions that goes anywhere, where the same people is competing during every single show... Its a bit of bored... And they wanna make another new one? LOL, OMG
  4. Didn't WWE and WCW do the same thing back when they feuded? Locked up certain arenas that is.
  5. The arenas WWE is in wouldn't even be on TNA's radar lol. TNA doesn't draw big enough crowds to even concern themselves with the arenas WWE fucks with.
  6. They were trying to put each other out of business in those days. TNA poses no threat of that right now. Healthy competition leads to a better product for everyone. It's just a bully move on WWE's part IMO.
  7. It's kinda like when WWF bullied NWA in the past, even though they weren't the threat that WCW became later either. Unless someone can show that TNA is gonna steal an arena that's gonna harm business for WWE in some way, this is just typical bullying on Vince's part. (That's why Vince complaining about Bischoff giving away the WWF's ratings away back in the day is like the pot calling the kettle black.)
  8. It's just ruthless business. This is something TNA would inevitably have to deal with if they got bigger. I doubt it'll have much effect on them to be honest.
  9. Sounds a bit of bs cause Impact Wrestling are in small venues.
  10. True. Aren't TNA more likely to compete with ROH for venues considering they draw crowds of similar sizes (when TNA isn't in Texas or the UK)
  11. '' We have not seen the original report so we don't know how credible to story is.'' I'm guessing it's isn't credible at all.
  12. Note about IMPACT live:

    So what now, EVERY week new venue and LIVE?:mad2:
  13. Dunno. The official statement says they will shoot one episode live and then tape the following week. My guess is live every other week, or if they head back to the IZ for a week since they will keep it going then maybe 3 live a month.
  14. Live every week? Sounds good. But yeah, I don't think TNA would use the same arenas as WWE does, so they're just bullying TNA, it seems like.
  15. Vince, Competition is good also more on a pole matches WE THE PEOPLE NEED THEM
  16. It's strictly business. It doesn't matter if they don't appose a threat right now however can be potential major competition in the future.
  17. This makes 0 sense. Sure, TNA sells out Wembley/Manchester in the UK, but that's what like 2 times a year? Of course it sells out.

    TNA will be going after <4000 arenas, not 10,000+ like WWE...
  18. Just so you know, by sold out they don't sell 80,000+ tickets lol. They sell around 8k I think, which is still a lot.
  19. WWE is acknowledging TNA as legit competition? A good sign for TNA imo, if WWE has to bother engaging in ruthless tactics like this.
  20. It's a good sign because TNA are seen as a threat, if not a threat in the future. It's good to acknowledge that WWE are financially way more stable than the TNA and can use tactics like these in order to throw TNA off. I hope the company does improve though so the WWE can improve their current product.
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