Rumored 2016 Summerslam Main Event

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  1. Whoever wrote that piece is obviously not watching the product.

    Roman is not a babyface. Roman is booked as an in between entity, a tweener. He's an arrogant champion with a little bit of a moral compass. That's great, because he cna be pitted against both babyfaces and heels and it still works.
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  2. Two of the best, can't think of a better ME at all.
  3. Inquisitr is shite.

    And Reigns vs Cena will definitely be a WM ME.
  4. I can only see them putting Reigns/Cena at SummerSlam if they're planning on having the main event at Wrestlemania be Reigns/Rollins or Reigns/Lesnar (probably with the other one at Survivor Series or the Rumble).

  5. I'd prefer Reigns/Cena to happen at any other WrestleMania, but I think the WWE is set on doing Cena/Taker next year.
  6. I wasn't excluding the possibility of Cena/Reigns happening at SummerSlam, I was simply implying that Reigns/Cena will definitely be a WM ME somewhere down the road.

    It's where they'll do the whole passing of the torch deal. I'd certainly have nothing against Rollins vs Reigns being the next year's WM ME.
  7. My best guess is WWE is pinning them now at Summerslam to see what kind of reaction they would get and see if it's appropriate for a mania main event for Roman next year. If a crowd is handed Cena vs. Roman I wouldn't boo the hell out of it because we are seeing 2 golden boys go at it to see who will be the top treated baby face.
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