Elimination Chamber Rumored Elimination Chamber Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Saylor, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina for the WWE Divas Title is rumored to be added to the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.
  2. Should be pretty decent. For once we don't see screaming barbies.
  3. Also there's word that it'll be Natayla vs Beth at WM.
  4. That'll be epic providing it's given at least 8 minutes.
  5. Isn't Kharma rumored for WM?
  6. Well, according to recent events that's what some people are saying that it's Natalya vs Beth for WM, but unaware. I'd rather see Kharma vs Beth, but it's just rumors at the moment.
  7. Kharma vs Beth vs Natty could work.
  8. That could work if booked right. I just don't see how they could possibly make them 3 divas feud in one feud, if you get where I'm coming from.
  9. They could build it as Kharma wants the title but Beth throws Natty to her to save the title. It's basic but it could work. The match it's self should be letting the three work. They need a new belt however, can you imagine Kharma with the butterfly?
  10. Kharma says she's most dominant, Beth disagrees. Beth as heel tries to get Nat to team with her again (after seemingly ditching her) but treats Nat like crap. Nat turns tweener turning on Beth but says to Kharma she's no where near as dominant as Nat. Triple-threat for the most dominant Diva in WWE history. Boom, took me around 7 seconds to think of that.
  11. They could do that. However, the WWE need to actually give some time to these 3 diva's, if they're going to feud. That's if WWE does go ahead with that. I can see these 3 squaring off, just don't think it's going to be a good build-up to it.
  12. Agreed I can see it being some big botch resulting in a three minute match.
  13. I reckon it'll be around 5 minutes. Isn't WM normally packed up anyway? These three could really put on a good match. WWE need to hire a good high-flying Diva. Only concern I have is this match might be a bit slow.
  14. http://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/tamina
  15. No wonder, she's from SmackDown. I did saw her for the first time on last week's RAW but didn't get her name.
  16. Kharma/Beth is a lot more likely than Beth/Natalya.
    They only really brought Kharma in to feud with Beth and to freshen up the divas.
  17. Doubt it's more likely, she's still on maternity leave.
  18. Why bring her back at the rumble then? It doesn't make much sense to bring her back just to leave her off TV. Then again this is the company who ran the Katie Vick angle.
  19. I can guarantee that if their's a divas match at Mania, it's Beth/Kharma for the title.

    If she wants to make it in this business, sometimes you have to make sacrifices...

    Vince Russo was the head writer at the time :/
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