Rumored internal talk on how to push the shield guys

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. If this is true then it looks like it will follow the formula most of us predicted. Ambrose into the main event early. Rollins in the upper mid card filling out the role as the dependable guy who gets lots of ring time and Reigns with a slow build up. Which would mean all three guys are possible main eventers in the future.

    This is a Meltzer report though so it probably means all three are dead in a ditch somewhere.

  2. Typical bs report that equals what we have discussed here.
  3. read the title as "rumored internet talk..."

    seems just as accurate
  4. It's a Meltzer report, what did you expect?
  5. Basically, Meltzer is using common sense again to write a report. Ambrose is by far the most ready to be the main eventer out of the three. If this is actually an accurate report then the officials saying Reigns has the most potential should be fired or tortured by watching hours of Great Khali matches, so they learn their lesson. I like Reigns, but just because he is big and has the look, it doesn't mean he's main event calibre. The guy is worse on the mic than John Morrison and his matches are poor.
  6. John Morrison was underrated on the mic! Once he gets back from those comedy classes he will be gold!
  7. Just give Ambrose the WWE title...
  8. Dean Ambrose will obviously be the breakout star. He can talk much better than the other two, which goes a long way in getting over and receiving a push. Even during that brief Shield interview that Michael Cole did 2-3 weeks ago, he came off as having the aura of a star already.
  9. I like both Seth and Dean, so I hope The Shield doesn't last long so they can get pushed in 2013 as singles
  10. Seems legit...
  11. I hope to God they don't over push any of those guys, especially Ambrose, or we will have another Orton... Very overrated and played out.
  12. Re: RE: Rumored internal talk on how to push the shield guys

    Guessing you've never heard him speak?
  13. Yeah, going to have to severely disagree with you on this one Brit. Ambrose is not boring at all. :nope:
  14. :upset:
  15. :nope: :nope::nope:
  16. The Shield wont be pushed they will fail within 6 months. Their first job is coming up at TLC
  17. How...How can you believe this? How can you not see the obvious talent that all three future main eventers posses.
  18. You're joking right? And I don't think we'll be seeing Morrison for quite some time, if not at all
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