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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 11, 2014.

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  1. Click here for Article :emoji_slight_smile:


    Meh I know it's just rumors and all but still wanted to get some thoughts or opinions on it :emoji_wink:

    Daniel Bryan vs. Kane (WWE world heavyweight championship)
    - The plan was for Bryan vs Batista but apparently Batista is declining to work with Bryan for whatever reason. Another rumor about this match calls for it to be a buried alive match; as the article says he just put his mask on so it seems a little soon at least IMO.

    Evolution vs. Shield
    - With the discussion of Batista not wanting to work with Bryan again for whatever reason it seems likely that this rumor of Evolution vs Shield again is going to be true. The draw it got at ER makes it a no brainer to have another one like it.

    John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
    - Another match between these two is rumored to take place again, not surprising this looked to be a good long feud and I'm not opposed by any means. The stipulation added to the match hasn't been determined but the favorite choice in this article and another I read is that it may be a last man standing match.

    and then the last rumored match they mention in this article as well as another I read is..

    Adam Rose vs Jack Swagger.
    - The only thing I can really say about this match is.. I don't know if it's smart to be holding something like this in front of a very hot Chicago crowd. I'm pretty sure there will barely be any buzz behind this match as far as inside the event goes, maybe more IWC reaction though. Hopefully this doesn't play too big of a role in hurting the Adam Rose character.

    As of this morning these are the rumored ones I came across, nothing has been set in stone yet and these could obviously change but I figured might as well post it to see what people think of an "earlier" look at some possible matches involved in the event.​
  2. The rumour behind Batista not facing Bryan is that he wasn't taking a loss off him with him being smaller. As he doesn't think its realistic and would tarnish him.
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  3. Batista is a fucking idiot. So, now that I've stated the obvious... this being basically ER 2.0 is not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing... with the same 3 main events, albeit with different stipulations.. hopefully the other matches built around it can keep this interesting, but Swagger vs Rose does not make me hopeful for that. Rusev vs Kingston looks to be the newest thing.. not sure if it will still be happening 3 weeks from now... but with WWE creative involved I would not doubt it. Cesaro vs RVD will probably still be a thing. They seem to still be tugging on the dead chicken known as El Torito vs Hornswoggle.. should have been finished with the WeeLC match... but NOOOOOO let's keep beating a dead horse. Creative is not impressing me in the least right now and I just can't see Payback being a good show at all. Here's to me hoping they pull something out of their hat.
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  4. Yeah seems after 4 years off Batista forgets that 'kayfabe' sometimes calls for the David to beat the Goliath lol.
    What a schmuck.. Kane obviously doesn't give a fuck if he loses to the much smaller DB. Dave needs to get over himself and realize he's not here for long and there's really not much going for him to get some heat aside from a match with DB or being involved in Evolution's group feud.

    Yeah the Hornswoggle/Torito thing was tiresome even before WeeLC; I'm just not sure why Creative thinks we want to see that.. It's already a dead season being between WM & SS the last thing we want to see is shitty matches to make us even less interested.

    Rusev vs. Kingston interests me a bit more than Rose vs Swagger would.. Main reason being it kinda would be a continuation of the tiny feud they had in NXT just prior to Rusev getting called up.. well it wouldn't be recognized as a continuation but that's how I would see it to in my own eyes :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Batista being absolutely horrible tarnishes him.
  6. These matches seem obvious, and it doesn't feel to me like any of these should continue. We got our satisfying Shield win over Evolution as well as Bryan "slaying the demon with fire", and Cena/Wyatt 3? No. Just no.

    Still, this does feel like a legit main event scene with something for everyone. Big props on that, but the midcard seems really bad right now. I guess I can't comment on crap that always gets cut from Hulu so can't discuss the feuds, but I really hope WeeLC II happens. That was the greatest non-Spud thing ever. Maybe this Brotherhood breakup will finally happen? Meh. Usos vs Rybaxel again? Paige vs whichever Diva they draw out of a hat? Rusev vs another black guy?

    I really can't hate on Batista too much. He put over Bryan really strong at WM and even tapped out for him, then he put over Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. Dude's done great with drawing heat and putting people over. Can't blame him for wanting to finally get one big win under his belt (Dorito doesn't count)
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  7. I feel Batista has always been horrible, never understood why he had a following behind him.

    I remember back in January I was pumped to hear he was coming back even though I knew he was shitty he was still a decently iconic character somehow.. but I was 4 years younger at the time and now at my age I just see right through him as well as most others.

  8. I heard a few different places (totally unreliable dirt sheets) that a plan for Goldy to win a MITB briefcase and have him cash-in/win take the strap and then later have Cody win it.. If it played out like this it would most likely be a similar replication of last years events with Sandow turning on Cody and taking the briefcase himself but now Goldy would turn on Cody.. then Cody would feud with Goldy until Summer Slam (perhaps joining Evolution as the youngblood of the group while leading upto the final bout between the brothers) and have Cody take the straps there all while writing Goldy off (I believe I read he's only contracted until Summer Slam).

    Like I said they were decently unreliable dirtsheets so I mean that's most likely not going to be the case but idk it seems.. like the WWE could indeed write it like that, especially with how their writing has been over the recent several months.
  9. If the triple main event of Extreme Rules is repeated at Payback I'm gonna watch TNA or some shit
  10. I'd advise you avoid Impact right now. I'll happily take another Bryan/Kane match over that Slammiversary main event.

    Don't know if NXT is still going strong, haven't been keeping up with it since it moved to the Network (and other places) but you probably already watch that given your avatar.

    I've been hearing ROH and NJPW absolutely tore it up last night. You can follow them :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. The taping that came out last night? shitttt totally forgot it was Saturday lol I think there's a replay tonight at midnight I'll definitely have to check that ROH out.

    NXT IMO is going very strong, I'm looking forward to their next "PPV event" NXT Takeover. The quality has improved drastically since they switched over to the WWE Network.
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  12. It seems like it's going that route except with stipulations added to each of the matches I believe (aside from Shield vs Evolution).
    We'll have a better picture in a week or two on if this is going to be the case or not I suppose.
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  13. I love how everyone hates Batista, even though he can put on some MOTY candidates. Although he may not be able to do that anymore, he wasn't that bad. For example, Wrestlemania 23.
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  14. So, ER2 with some fillers? Okay.....
  15. Lol that's some harsh punishment.
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  16. I have no problem with getting the same three marquee matches. That's obviously where it's headed. Bryan and Kane are continuing their rivalry as are The Shield and Evolution, and does anyone think that Cena and Wyatt are gonna randomly just instigate a feud with someone else three weeks before the PPV? Cena even said the words "last man standing" in his promo on Main Event this past week. That was likely a clue that the rumors of Cena and Wyatt having a Last Man Standing match at Payback are legit.

    For what it's worth, there's talks of splitting The Shield/Evolution rivalry into three separate matches singles matches instead of doing a six-man tag team match again. If that happens, I figure we'll get Reigns and Batista in a powerhouse type of match, and the other two matches (HHH/Ambrose and Orton/Rollins, or HHH/Rollins and Orton/Ambrose) I can see happening either way.

    No problem with Adam Rose vs Swagger either. Nice little feud in the under card that should have the novelty of seeing Rose perform for the first time. I also hope Barrett is on the card to deliver the "bad news" to the Chicago marks at the start of the show that their hero CM Punk isn't gonna be here tonight.
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  17. and then Punk's music hits and he comes out, challenges Barrett to a title match and wins the IC title.... then he walks out again and never returns. Sounds like something WWE creative would come up with, right? lol
  18. Why you would put your self through the torture of making your self watch TNA?
  19. TNA isn't awful, damn TNA haters flooding the thread though.
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