WrestleMania Rumored Matches for WM31

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 24, 2015.

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  1. It's only been one RAW episode since Fast Lane ended and as of 2/24/2015 there are officially 33 days left until Wrestlemania 31.. below is a list of all the currently rumored matches that may or may not appear on the card.

    Rumored Matches:

    • Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker (Proposed by Bray, yet to be accepted by Taker)
    • Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
    • Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
    • John Cena vs. Rusev (Unknown if Title will be defended here)
    • IC Title: Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose vs. R-Truth

    If you hear any rumors about matches that will take place at Wrestlemania 31 than feel free to post here, this is just from what I'm reading around the web.
  2. Probably Goldust vs stardust
  3. Yeah one has to imagine they are going to go for that again.
  4. And Mizdow vs Miz
  5. Curtis Axel mentioned the annual Andre the Giant Battle Royale, so maybe that will actually happen again. A chance for a prize consisting of a trophy and eight months worth of shitty booking.
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  6. That BR is a piece of crap. There's absolutely no real prize for the winner, like a championship match or something, other than 'LOL, I've won a trophy!'
  7. Nah, the trophy wasn't the issue. Cesaro winning the BR and everything up to and including the interaction with Hogan was fine. If they had transitioned that into a real push, you could point to the BR and say "See, this indicates a push is coming" similar to something like winning KOTR might not "get you" anything but it means they have plans for you.

    As it turned out, they botched it completely and now it really does seem like the winner gets nothing, so nobody gives a shit. Had they properly booked Cesaro people might be interested in seeing who wins this thing.

    As it stands now, it will be Ryback, nobody will care and his booking probably doesn't change much after Mania. So yea, this is all a waste because WWE is booking it to be a waste. It started out as a decent enough idea/opportunity.
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  8. oh and that 4 way IC match sounds retarded. Fuck you R Truth, Barrett/Ziggler/Ambrose had potential.
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  9. If you think that sounds retarded, wait till you see the build-up to their WM match, they'll totally job DZ to Truth. This is only gonna get better, so let's enjoy the ride, dude. lol
  10. #GiveTruthAChance

    Nah I agree though, I'd be more interested in the triple threat, Ambrose should just release the lunatic and take Truth out of the equation.. It's probably because R-Truth gets a good bit of pops whenever he comes to ring, no matter where the city.. Also having a phrase like "Yes! Yes! Yes!" or "What's Up!?" is apparently all the rage these days.
  11. I almost wouldn't mind Truth if they did anything with his character. but his Michael Jackson dance gimmick makes me want to turn off the stream
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  12. Truth isn't even bad, if they actually wanted to try and push him, the fans like him and he can wrestle. But of course he's been a total jobber and the IC title already is in a pile of shit due to Vince and his shitty booking team.

    Lesnar (c) vs Reigns - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Lesnar wins, Rollins cashes in
    Bryan vs Sheamus - #1 contenders match for the WWE WHC - Bryan wins
    Rollins vs Orton - Singles match - Orton wins
    Sting vs Triple H - Singles match - If Sting wins, The Authority is out of power
    Divas match - Hopefully something that's not shit
    Rusev (c) vs Cena - US Championship - Cena wins
    The Brass Ring Club (c) vs The Usos vs Team 3D - Tag Team Championships - The Brass Ring Club wins
    Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker - Singles match - I don't even know who wins
    Goldust vs Cody Rhodes - Singles match - Cody wins
    Miz vs Mizdow - Singles match - Mizdow wins
    Barrett (c) vs Ambrose vs Ziggler vs Truth - Intercontinental Championship - Ambrose wins
    Pre-Show: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal - I don't know, this trophy is shit anyways, Cesaro won last year and Vince had nothing for him

    I don't know, the best I could think of that wouldn't piss me off. I think they would have to condense the match card, probably put one of the midcard matches on the pre-show but hey...
  13. Yeah idk why they did that, he was perfectly fine in WWF & TNA, then when he comes back to WWE they give him some corny ass rapping dancer character and somehow it got over enough to keep it this way for years..
  14. I miss crazy mental R-Truth heel. Dude was funny.
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  15. Lol they consider Adam Rose to be the leader... also what a stupid name, idk why they felt the need to copy the Bullet Club, I wonder if they'll have 14 members eventually too.
  16. Oh my. Hopefully they just stick with Cesaro, Kidd and Natalya. I wouldn't mind another midcarder coming in there, preferably one who's been booked to shit but wants to go for the IC title. They could have a nice crowd favourite team there, pure fantastic wrestlers and hard workers. IMO, the Brass Ring Club is okay, it's kind of a joke about Vince's brass ring comments so I'm fine with that.
  17. Fuck Adam Rose. What a lame ass turd.
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  18. -Lesnar vs Reigns
    -HHH vs Sting
    -Orton vs Rollins
    -Cena vs Rusev
    -Undertaker vs Wyatt
    -Andre Memorial Battle Royal (will probably end up being the annual pre-show match from here on out, though)
    -Some multi-man Intercontinental Title match mostly featuring a whole bunch of people who have no other place on the card but are still good enough not to get thrown into a filler battle royal if they don't have to (that would be Barrett, Ambrose, Ziggler, maybe Bryan and a returning Sheamus, etc.)
    -Possibly Bryan vs a heel Sheamus if neither end up in the above match
    -Probably a Diva's Title match of some sort. According to PWInsider, "AJ is expected to return to TV soon as creative as a storyline in place for her return.", so you can probably expect something involving her, Paige, Nikki and Brie.

    Goldust and Stardust will probably be thrown into the battle royal and then left to finish off their rivalry for good in a stipulation match at Extreme Rules. Miz and Sandow will happen later as well. There probably won't be a tag team championship match this year either unless they fit it on the pre-show somewhere, too. Cesaro, Kidd, Usos, Prime Time Players, etc. will probably just end up in the battle royal instead. There won't be more than eight matches tops on the main card.
  19. He started off great but by the time they yanked the angle it had run its course. the little jimmy shit was beyond cringe
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