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  1. source: WNW
  2. Just fire Ryback, that giant piece of shit.

  3. lol holy fuck. Beat me to it.
  4. marking for Bryan btw. :yes:
  5. Like these two guys said, FIRE FUCKING RYBACK! I was always saying since he debut "He has some sort of talent, They will show us it at some point". That was a year ago. Where is it? No where because its non existent. Bryan is finally getting a well deserved push but Ryback may have just ruined it.
  6. There is something ironic about someone (John Cena) Who had years of "You can't wrestle" chants, calling out someone based on their wrestling ability. Did no one backstage catch the botch between Fandangoo and Cody? Fandango being too far away and Cody smashing his knee into the mat? I guess botches only matter in WWE if you are relevant to the company.
  7. Cena can wrestle and have great matches against quite a few people and he is extremely safe in the ring, That has nothing to do with ability Ryback was being plain unsafe and idiotic. The Fandango thing was partially Cody's fault apparently because he didnt look behind him before he jumped to make sure about the landing or something and theres a difference between a mid carder hitting his knee and a guy who is finally being pushed to the Main Event for the title landing on his collar bone/Neck on the outside.
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  8. Really enjoyed reading this.

    "- Triple H called the CM Punk/Paul Heyman segment some of the best promo work in many years. The program is being built with the “big fight feel,” something both Vince McMahon and Heyman love. Hunter is really high up on the realism and feels it shows a side of Punk’s character that hasn’t been seen WWE television. One observer pointed you would have to go back to Punk’s program with Raven in Ring of Honor to know that he really had it in him. While both Vince and Hunter feel Punk plays a better heel in the ring, they are “very happy” with this current direction and feel it’s a completely different kind of babyface."

    Agreed with that completely. Fantastic promo, great direction with his character, and Punk is executing it wonderfully. This is also Heyman's best work to date imo.

    Everything regarding Bryan is positive. It seems all his co-workers and employees love him at the moment, and rightfully so. Best WRESTLER (actual wrestling) in the world right now imo. Glad Vince is embracing his former mindset and actually making plays out of it. Good that he acknowledges he was wrong too.

    Get Ryback off TV. Don't put him in a match against your most over guy if you don't trust him.
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  9. This.

    That is one of the reasons why WWE is improving, Guys are losing these mindsets on guys like Bryan.
  10. No need to defend Cena to me. No where did I state Cena was a bad wrestler. I just found it funny that someone who gets "You cant wrestle" chants calling out someone else based on their ability. Yes, wrestling ability does involve botches, if Ryback had more ability in the ring he wouldn't mess up so much. Regardless of whose fault it was in the Cody/Fandango botch, I didn't see reports of anyone getting in the face of Cody or Fandango telling them that they need to be safer. I get its a business, and WWE want to protect someone like Daniel Bryan because he is being pushed at the moment, but if this happened last year, Triple H wouldn't be in Ryback's face about it.

    Its not so much that WWE is worried about Daniel Bryan's well being, more that Ryback could have screwed their main event at SummerSlam. Seems rather shitty to me.
  11. But with Rhodes and Fandango it wasnt a Main Event guys bloody neck, Would you rather break a leg or break your neck?. It is about Bryan, there not enough build up yet that they cant change the match. The botch wasnt from inexperience, Ryback has 8 years of it, It was a reckless move.
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  12. Wow that was great to read. Hearing Cesaro getting an ovation backstage sounds incredible. I love hearing about backstage stuff.
  13. Daniel Bryan has been a main event guy for a few weeks now. Again, its not about what gets broken or whatever, its about over all safety of a performer. Lets say its Daniel Bryan's leg and Cody's neck. Does that suddenly mean that Daniel Bryan would be able to wrestle in a few weeks with broken leg? Its about over all safety of the wrestler, and I get the feeling WWE was only worried because of where they booked Daniel Bryan as opposed to Daniel Bryan himself. That is my point.
  14. If it was Cody's neck it would be the same situation.
  15. Cesaro getting praised, people defending Daniel Bryan, sounds like an interesting backstage time there.
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  16. Pretty sure Miz got heat for botching on R-Truth. And R-Truth was nowhere near the main event during that time.
  17. My god Ryback what the fuck are you doing? I started to like the guy but I think he did that on purpose to try injure Daniel so he wouldnt get his title match. Ryback is gonna be jobbing for months now theres now way hes getting any push ever again
  18. That might be a case of "worst/most dangerous botch of the night". If we compare a guy being too far away for a knee drop versus a guy almost breaking another man's shoulder/neck, which dude would you reprimand?
  19. The Fandango/Rhodes botch just looked dopey, Cody wouldn't been hurt, just looked stupid. DB could have easily hurt himself due to Ryback not protecting him. At least Fandango tried his best to make up for his placement and still catch Rhodes despite making the move look like shit.
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