Rumored reason for Dolph not cashing in yet

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Note this is Meltzer so it probably means Dolph is never cashing in.

  2. So John Cena comes first in the WWE? noooooooooooooooooooooooooo not buying that lmfao
  3. I actually agree with this. It's logical. Have Dolph actually be known and already really over before cashing in, then it increases his chances of a fantastic reign dramatically.
  4. Makes sense as if he goes over Cena it puts him up there with the casual fans
  5. He won't go over Cena but he doesn't need to imo.
  6. He'll get a few victories tho i meant over as i at least one win as it will help.
  7. Aww but I wanted Dolph to successfully :sad:

  8. I believe this article tbh.

    Not saying Dolph is winning, (would be epic, though) but if he'd look strong against Cena in a long and good worked match, Dolph could go ''over'' anyway. The logic in this match plan is perfect. Cena is the no.1, Dolph is the up-and-comer and it could lead to a surprise.

    Him going for the WHC after Cena? Damn good idea.
  9. Having him wrestle a 20-minute match against Cena the same night he cashes it in could be good. TLC :gusta:
  10. Dolph should be champion by now my god WWE let him cash in
  11. 15+ minute match puts Dolph over enough.
  12. Yeah, 15 may do, sure.
  13. They will most likely have a Tables match, and Cena's record in tables match isn't that good.....

    But either way I'm expecting Dolph to walk out of TLC as the World Heavyweight Champion
  14. If he doesn't cash in at TLC I have no idea when he is -.-.
  15. THIS...
    TLC is the best time and place for him to cash it in, they mustn't wait any longer...
  16. It's Mr Meltzer...Ziggles will cash in at a house show tomorrow night and win.

  17. But John Cena is in Raw and Dolph Zigler from Smackdown right? But how he cashing-in his Money in the Bank to John Cena if he won the WWE Championship? And the WHC is The Big Show!
  18. He isn't gonna cash it in on Cena. They are having Dolph work with Cena since it puts Dolph as a big villain with the casual fans and kids. Thus making Dolph important which helps when Dolph cashes in since he will become a main eventer and help carry the company.
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