Rumored Slammiversary buys down 7% from 2012

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Yeah, I remember it being said that they'd have less PPVs but more build time would equal better buyrates. Seems like those people were wrong.
  2. The match card looked good but it didn't get you hyped going in.

    Nobody wanted to see Bully vs Sting. NOBODY. Styles and Angle was done to death filler. The tag division was stale as hell outside of the match we better get at BFG, the other two teams dragged the match down immensely. Gail/Taryn didn't draw, Ultimate X probably got a few buys but nobody's buying the rest of the card.
  3. TNA needs to close down from what is happening right now all these wrestlers being fired and the company having financial problems its just embaressing
  4. You going to continue to come to this section to post the same dumb shit in every thread?

    We don't care about your shitty opinion.
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  5. Im not even a big TNA fan but I dont say they should shut down, Please stop posting this stupid if you even call it an opinion.

    Shit, The PPV was really good tbh, Maybe cause the card looked a bit lackluster or the main event wasnt very appealing to casuals.
  6. The ME ONLY appealed to casuals IMO
  7. I guess. Didnt appeal to me, I didnt even watch it, Was it any good?

  8. Are you lumping yourself in as a 'casual' ? Of course it doesn't appeal to smarky ass smarks who hate the idea of Sting wrestling, let alone main eventing.

    And it was what you would expect. A decent brawl with a clusterfuck finish.
  9. And 90% of casuals wonder why Angle hasn't wrestled since 2005.

    Have a hard time believing the Aces and Eights draw anyone, but guess you have to chalk this up to Bully's greatness.
  10. It wasnt Sting, Im not a fan of Sting but he doesnt bother me too much. It was the pairing of Sting and Bully that didnt appeal, Just didnt see it being that great kinda like Rock/Cena both guys can have greats matches apart but when they have a match together its meh.
  11. The IWC actually praised the ME at one point. I didn't get to see it though.
  12. We understand you dislike TNA, but you have one option. If you don't like it, don't even post here. All your posts here are "I wish TNA would close down" or "for this reasons TNA should be closed". I don't try to be a dick right now, but we already know your opinion. Other guys like myself enjoy more TNA's product than WWE's product because it's constantly good and because with less roster, less money and less everything they're making their company look good.
  13. I think the ME was praised because it wasn't as bad as most believed it would be (i.e. watchable to an extent). Plus I guess we mark for Piledrivers, so.
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