Rumors of a CM Punk return? Do you believe them?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. I don't think I believe it, but here's the article I saw:

    Yes, even if you just read the article link it says 'cm punk vs sting match confirmed'. Wait what!?

    I'll go with a steaming pile for $200 Alex. But seriously, Sting Vs CM Punk? Maybe a few years ago that might have been cool, but now? I dunno. If he returned I'd much rather see him vs someone younger who could put on an outstanding match. I mean, I know Sting is a legend but the guy is getting on in years ain't he?

    Also in the article was more info on the Punk/WWE legal issues.

    Whoa really?

    The article also talks about who else Sting might face when he makes his debut in WWE. On the list are a fatal 4-way between Punk (if he does return)/Reigns/Lesnar/Sting, the Undertaker (duh), and John Cena. All of which don't really get me that excited.

    Anyway, I kind of think this whole article is nothing but fluff and rumors, but I know how much some of you guys just LOVE discussing Phil Brooks and his goings on in WWE, so there ya go.
  2. There have been so many rumours going around since CM Punk walked out earlier in the year and all have so far been proven wrong. I really do feel that CM Punk is done with the WWE now and no matter how many want to see him back he's just not willing to. I read something the other day about his possibly suing the WWE but I never really read into it. If this was true and he is planning to sue them for whatever reason I guess that would pretty much state that we will not see him back in the WWE.
  4. This article is preposterous and I'm obviously not putting any serious consideration into its claims one way or the other. Lesnar vs Punk vs Reigns vs Sting at next year's Mania? lol goodness.

    That said, I actually do expect Punk to return at some point. Wrestling is in his blood, and besides, Steve Austin's walk out in 2002 was a much bigger deal than Punk's was, and yet he was back with the company only eight months later. The fact that Punk is suing them doesn't prove he's done with them for good either. Sable sued them and was welcomed back with open arms. Warrior sued them (and won!) and yet McMahon tried to bring him back. Others - Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Jesse Ventura, Stone Cold, etc. - have all crossed the boss in their own way and they all eventually returned. History has shown there's no such thing as burning your bridges with Vince... unless you maybe plot to kill him and his family or something, and even then, he'd probably bring you back and try to turn it into a storyline. :kiss:
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  5. WWEF needs new material.
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  6. I agree......give it may even take years but Punk will be night after WrestleMania, SummerSlam, or some bigger PPV.....Raw will start and we'll hear, "Look in my eyes!!!! What doy uo see?!?!?!" Punk will walk out slowly eyeing the WWE universe with a grin on his face.
  7. Sting needs to wrestle a "legend" of his own status, and it needs to be a WWF legend, or it won't really mean much. Sting needs to wrestle Taker, HHH, Shawn Michaels, the Rock, or Stone Cold.
  8. He's not coming back and to be honest I don't really care if he returns or not.
  9. Here, I'll save this boring ass thread for you guys

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  10. I'll believe it when I see it... and then I won't care.
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  11. I was close to tagging you in the OP FYI. I expected at least one post from you like this in this thread. Go back to your football.
  12. but its Tuesday!!! Sunday seems so far away

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  13. Nope, this is bullshit. However, I do hope to see Punk's return someday.
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  14. I don't see him coming back. And quite frankly I don't miss him.
  15. Could care less if he came back or if he stayed retired, not gonna lose sleep over it. Personally I doubt he'll be returning to the WWE.
  16. Rather see Punk vs Lesnar on PPV before the end of the year, to be honest. In fact, I just want Punk back. Then again, there's a couple of reasons why he left WWE and if what I believe he's implied and the rumours have said are true, I don't really blame him. :pity1:
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  17. lol He's gonna job to Stinger.
  18. Woah! I want to see that so bad, and it won't be my piss break on whatever show it's on! I want to see CM Punk so much, and I don't think he's a bitch! CMPUNK!!!!
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  19. Punk isn't coming back. Have we not already gone over this?
  20. Yeah we have, but I thought the punk vs sting angle was too good a conversation piece to pass up :happy:
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