Rumors on bringing back two former wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 11, 2012.

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  2. mvp sure, he's a great heel but Shelton should stay away unless they want him and Haas imo.
  3. Bring em both back. What will it hurt?
  4. Woah Woah Black Dynamite? That's fucking awesome :yay: Would be glad to see them again, make MVP a heel though, and Shelton Benjamin is alright as a face, but they should bring him back as a heel too in my opinion.
  5. I want MVP and Shelton Benjamin to be face when they return *crosses fingers* I really hope this happens.
  6. MVP is old as f*ck and Shelton botches more than Sin Cara.

    Bring back Carlito and JoMo!
  7. Bring em back an put ppl over in the tag division so that Kane an DB dont end up lookin shite.
  8. Don't mind for a year or so. No big pushes.
  9. MVP and Shelton back? Awesome. I'd love to see them back in WWE.
  10. Re: RE: Rumors on bringing back two former wrestlers

    I can understand Shelton but why not a big push for MVP?
  11. I'd be okay with this.
  12. I would to see them both back , especially MVP...

    Antonio Cesaro VS MVP for the US Championship...BOOK IT.
  13. MVP is an overhyped crappy wrestler and he's not even that good on the mic. I don't see what the big deal with this guy is and I never will. Shelton Benjamin on the other hand is an impressive wrestler and the only reason I don't think he was given a proper push in the singles division is because of his lack of charisma. Benjamin was one of my favorite wrestlers, he'd always have some great matches.
  14. :finger: Hater.
  15. Not my fault he's an inadequate performer.
  16. I'm with Dat Kid, never really saw anything in MVP. Shelton is ok in ring but has zero mic skills. If they bring him back it'd have to be as part of a team, or have a good manager like we were discussing in the other thread.
  17. You only watch WWE, so your opinion is irrelevant. :idontcare:
  18. Yeah because the website isn't called WWE Forums :pity1:
  19. It would definitely spice things up.
  20. He has a backup site domain if it ever got taken down. So HA!
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