Ring of Honor Rumors on ROH guys going to the E

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  1. It's a Meltzer report so make of it what you will.

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  2. I've seen/read some really dumb stories and "news" reports from him, but this guy keeps writing more ridiculous and ridiculous stories each week. This one is in his Top 3 ever. Good grief, I mean, really. :harvey:

    Read this again and check if your brains are still the same.
  3. Didn't he report that the Briscoes were at the WWE tryout camp a couple of months ago, that they denied? I wouldn't take too much away from this report. I do see Bennett as a potential pick up for them at some point because of his tie in with Maria and his look.
  4. Yeah the Briscoe's denied being at that camp, it is possible that WWE are interested but you never know. Bennet is likely though.
  5. This isn't a report. This is your typical "might", "may" Meltzer classic bullshit.
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  6. Have the Briscoes suddenly become cosmetically pleasing?

    Bennett screams wwe look,he lacks talent the in ring skills imo,he is decent but i have not seen him in any really great matches apart from the Storm stuff which he was carried. Its wwe though and the in ring bit is irrelevant.

    I don't see the Briscoes going there.
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  7. He'll be placed in that new training facility for sure to work on his ring work. They'll try to mold him into a WWE wrestler.
  8. To be fair, in ring isn't really a major factor to WWE, so Im sure that they would sign Bennett. As for the Briscoes, can't see this happening at all. They don't have the look for WWE, so can't really see them being in the E.
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