News Rumors on Why Talking Smack Were Cancelled

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. It was reported last week via Sports Illustrated that one of the reason’s Talking Smack was canceled was because Vince McMahon was not a fan of the format, however those claims appear to be false.

    Dave Meltzer received word from a source within WWE that the cancellation of the weekly show had nothing to do with Vince McMahon not liking the format but to do with the viewership numbers the show was receiving.

    “Despite all rumors, Vince doesn’t hate Talking Smack. Also, he does not watch it but gets a weekly report about it every Wednesday. The one thing he didn’t like was when the New Day appeared right after Kofi (Kingston) got cleared (the 5/23 episode). That was technically their Tuesday night debut and Vince felt the first Tuesday appearance should have happened on Smackdown.”

    As previously noted, the Talking Smack episodes will still air after SmackDown-brand pay-per-view events, as those numbers seem to perform well.

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  2. I mean...that makes slightly more sense tbf.
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  3. Okay which one of you jabronies are not watching Talking Smack????? Lol. There are some great promos, bonus information (you get when DB or Shane are on) and great interviews, plus it's bonus footage for 30 minutes. Sooooooo why aren't you watching??
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  4. TBF Smackdown ends at 3am in the UK..then they have to wait another hour for 205 Live. So The UK don't have a chance in hell of watching that at 5am!
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    No excuse, you can watch Talking Smack the next day or whenever you want.
  6. Personally in retrospective after a couple of days. Aren't we always complaining about the oversaturation and the problem of way too many wwe programming? We still get Talking Smack after the ppvs anyway so people can still get their character development and such.

    Hell while we're on the subject, everyone mentions Talking Smack but who watched RAW Talk? You can't get rid of one thing and not get rid of the other one. I still think Renee should have a WAY better job than she has as a backstage interviewer but at the end of day...maybe cancelling Talking Smack was for the better in the long run.
  7. I have to admit I only watched the segments featuring the women's division...
    and that legendary Miz/Daniel Bryan promo...and I watched them on youtube.

    I think its sad that the SmackDown performers are robbed of the "extra time"
    Talking Smack gave them to develop their "characters" isn't the end
    of the world.
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    Um first of all, I'm not one of those people complaining about "oversaturation" or too much WWE. However, Raw and other matches don't manage their time nor their segments properly. So no, shows could be an hour and half or 4 hours as long as they make it interesting and keep the fans attention. And okay so we get Talking Smack after SmackDown Live PPVs BUT the issue I have is this: it is not about keeping it because it'll be after the PPVs, it's about the fact that it added to SmackDown Live's programming.

    I can see you never watched Talking Smack or probably don't care that much about it but the show was very interesting. Example, the promos that The Miz against Daniel Bryan was deep and impactful. The promos that John Cena cut in regards to the WWE fans and certain wrestlers who despise him. Both Baron Corbin and KO have done great promos/interviews. And you want to overlook it because it comes on 40 minutes to an hour later or because it too much WWE?? I guess I see now where the buck stop, as long as you get to see your favorite superstars then screw trying to give you more content from them. It's okay, the fans who continue to complain about unnecessary things instead of the focus being on the stories and performances will soon have less and less like they ask for. Let's see how exciting WWE will be then when the remove a lot of the original shows/programs from the WWE network. And as far as Raw Talk, there have maybe been ONE or TWO of them after a Raw episode. They have never did them just weekly, only show them after Raw PPVs AND that is even seldom. So no, don't compare Raw Talk to Talking Smack. Talking Smack actually have the GM, the Commissioner and superstars on there to get their opinions on their performances (and sometimes they use Kayfabe and other times they don't). If it was up to me, I'd have both Raw Talk and Talking Smack after every Raw and SmackDown Live (IT'S 30 FUCKING MINUTES). I agree, Renee Young could have a better job buuuuuuuuuuuttt, what? What are you looking for her to do? Maybe she has other duties behind the scenes, maybe she love the job she has, who knows.
  9. Not saying that it's the end of the world but I don't believe it needs to be removed, it helped SmackDown Live not hindered it.
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