Rumour: Backstage news on World Heavyweight Title

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Nov 3, 2012.

  2. Very well then. Glad to know Ziggler will win the title soon.
  3. Good news, But don't want Big Slow for more than 1 month. :Cry:
  4. Piss off Orton.
  5. Thank god DZ for the win.

    Was fuming when Slow won it actually wanted a Sheamus victory for once!
  6. Ripping the title from Show could likely turn Ziggs in the process. Despite how underhanded it may be, Show is far from endearing at the moment.

    The Orton/Christian episode from 2010 or so will show its shades should a Ziggs/Orton feud come to pass.

    If Orton wants to turn, a fresh Heavyweight title winner in Ziggs will just what the doctor ordered
  7. To be honest, WWE and Orton don't seem to mind Orton losing cleanly at the moment. Have Ziggler cash in, Big Show can feud with someone else (Ryback) and then have Ziggler beat Orton cleanly two PPV's in a row. The matches will be outstanding, the promos will be dominated by Ziggler and the result means Ziggler looks relatively strong.
  8. WHY NOT BARRETT :bury:
  9. He needs to be going after the RAW title imo.
  10. Thank god I hate big show as champ
  11. You can hear frogs chirping during Barrett matches
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