Rumour: Vince plans to bring in major name to become GM of both shows

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Look at the source.

    Anyway, IF this is true, who could do both shows?
  2. The feeling is

  3. Heyman? Bischoff would be possible but I think he is still a producer of some sort for TNA right?

    Complete swerve and it's Trump
  4. Flair or JBL.
  5. Heyman as GM would be epic do it Vince
  6. Bischoff is TNA producer yeah.

    Heyman, Regal (not really a big name), Flair?
  7. Former World Champion...

    David Arquette!
  8. Don't think it will be Heyman. If this is true then Flair seems most likely to moi.
  9. Bob Backlund. :gusta:

    Nah, I think it'll be Flair. They probably wanted him to become GM on Raw 1000 but couldn't because of the lawsuit with TNA and whatnot, then they put AJ and Booker to fill the position for now. When they can get Flair, they'll have Vince fire them and introduce Ric as GM. :hmm:
  10. Would like to see who this big name is.
  11. Why not just use Triple H? He can be like 'fuck all this bullshit I've got to take over and restore order!' and then turn into an evil dicktader heel GM
  12. I love you right about now..
  13. Good idea.


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  14. Not a good idea. It was only last year when HHH was booted off by the board for not being able to control RAW. Now he takes over RAW + SmackDown? He would need to wait a bit, then eventually be "restored", and then DURING his reign turn heel. He can't just return a heel.
  15. It could be Flair. His no compete clause ends on the 10th
  16. Him turning heel = restoring the order. He has to play up the no more Mr. Nice Guy Card. Some guy comes down to bring up last year and he gets a brutal beating then HHH snarls and is like "ANYONE ELSE WANT TO QUESTION MY ABILITY TO CONTROL THINGS AROUND HERE SNARL SNARL" ect

    Its so obvious it books itself


    Nobody wants to see that.
  17. Agreed with D'Z. The whole GM Drama over the past few years has so many plotholes, why not add one more?
  18. It's not even a plothole. Nice guy (face) HHH was a push over. Dick head tough guy HHH (heel) won't be.
  19. Disagree, I think it's too soon atm especially with HHH still feuding with Bork. The best time to have the HHH dictatorship is when WWE is reading to create a new SCSA (or something similar).
  20. Fuck Bork. His ass won't be back until Mania anyway so who cares

    I'm not sure why WWE wouldn't be 'reading' to create 'a new SCSA' if they were able to do it.. as if they can just snap their fingers and BOOM we have a new SCSA
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