WrestleMania Rumoured HBK heel turn

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  1. I'm just a sexy source, sexy source

    I question the legitimacy of this dirtsheet, but interested in your thoughts anyway.
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  2. eWrestlingNews.

  3. :no:

    If anyone should be heel it should be HHH.
  4. I think that would be a great angle. It would certainly be unexpected since I'd expect HBK to want to support HHH after how Lesnar forced him to retire. On top of that he's been good friends with HHH so I think this heel turn would be unexpected.
  5. I'd love it. HHH and HBK actually have the history and starpower to be a dream match - unlike these other so-called 'dream' matches.
  6. Meltzer.

    Sorry we don't all have dirtsheet standards as high as yours.
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  7. Agreed. Brock should duck a superkick from HBK that accidentally hits 'H. Who turns heel by beating him down :fap:

    I doubt HBK wants to compete again that much, but Hunter will be desperate to face him at WM30 cause he's a big fat attention whore.
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  8. Meltzer is more reliable than eWrestlingNews :pity2:

    Sorry Lily.
  9. Puts over Metzelder before making a cheap sister joke. Weak :pity:
  10. I'm not turning heel :pity1:
  11. Like you in the knees when you get a RT from a 'hot' girl. :pity2:
  12. Holy shit, it was a joke to end the night, and you felt the need to find out all my retweeters and their bloody life stories :bury:
  13. A joke :cornette:
  14. Don't steal a joke you're simply not involved in you pleb.

    HHH should turn heel tbh.
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  15. Why would HBK turn on Triple H in favor of Brock... Some thought he would turn against HHH last year just because he resented the idea of HHH doing something (ending the streak) that he couldn't do and lost his career over, but he tried to help him win instead. Why would he then turn on Triple H in favor of the guy who broke his arm. Even if he did turn, surely this means costing HHH the match against Brock means Hunter is retired since he lost, yeah? How is that supposed to lead to a match between the two? Triple H is so pissed about losing a match that says he can't wrestle at all anymore (not even just twice a year!) that he challenges another retired guy to fight him in one last match between them before they both retire off for good?

    I would love one last great match between them (I mentioned this in another thread a short while ago) but I don't like this being the angle behind it, and I'd probably prefer HBK to stick to his retirement anyway.
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  16. Jonathan defending Dave "King of bullshit" Meltzer? Color me surprised.
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  17. I suppose he could be the sympathetic heel, he wants his friend to retire so he must destroy him before the business does. It sounds faceish but I can see it being worked heelish.

    Also what the fuck is Lily?
  18. Costing him a huge revenge match against a hated enemy - and let's remember part of that revenge is for HBK as well - is a pretty awful time for him to pull that. Reminds me somewhat of what another person said though on another message board, which is that HHH loses and then Stephanie says afterwards that she was the one who fed Brock/Heyman the retirement stip just so Triple H could finally retire and focus on family and the business behind the scenes. I think that's absurd for a couple reasons.

    Speaking of which though, I could see Steph having an involvement in the ending in a way that's plausible - Triple H ends up in the Kimura but unlike Summerslam, he refuses to give up. So Stephanie throws in the towel for him, telling HHH later that it's not worth seriously injuring himself for life just to defeat Brock. If Triple H DOES lose, I see this as how it goes down.
  19. HHH wins, turn heel and fight occasionally

    HBK makes a promo and rests 6 months
  20. Sounds a bit weird given that they'd both be retired and all, IDK.
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