Rumoured new music for CM Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. I highly doubt it's that, but I have never heard of them. That is the rumoured one though.
  2. Read the rest of the WF thread champ, it was a joke since the song is called fuck you and Punk is a giant douche.
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  4. Would make a either witty, HQ, or downright lazy post to this but CM Punk already summed it up perfectly in one clear facial expression:

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  5. Lol fucking shitty. Would fit him perfectly :obama:

  6. It makes me so sad that you've never heard of Rancid. :pity: Pretty cool scenario since Punk is friends with them. Obviously a joke, but cool scenario.
  7. I like punk with more of a gritty theme like his previous one. Cult of personality was great though during the summer of punk but i'd like to see him go more towards the harder stuff.
  8. Go back to his previous theme:

    Some might argue that we need to take a step forward rather than back but when Austin switched over to the Disturbed theme in late 2000 and then the theme he used as a heel in the Alliance during 2001, they still reverted back to his classic Glass Shattering theme from 1998-2000 when he turned back face. Nothing wrong with going back to the past if it worked better than anything else has.

    Unfortunately, this theme is more associated with him being a heel and his current theme more with being a face so he's either keeping Cult Of Personality or debuting a new song, which I could see them doing at Payback.

    Fuck it, I still think he should go back to This Fire Burns.
  9. Got this from MP twitter guys tweeting it, then took their thread... lol
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  10. And I agree Kevin, Fire Burns rocks.
  11. Damn thief. Also if Punk goes back to anything it should Miseria Cantare with the blackened arena / spotlights.
  12. We had this discussion before where I was like "omg I agree", and yet again, I agree. Both themes are awesome though. That one is kinda short though don't ya' think?

  13. What AFI? It's like 5 minutes long lol.
  14. Am I missing something? I vaguely remember watching the video you posted last time and it was like 1:40 or something. Please link me the longer version :emoji_slight_frown:. It might be a case of the longer version having tons of filler or something, I can't remember. Maybe I'm going insane. I swear it was short.

  15. That was the one with the intro from TFBs.

    If this could translate to the big arenas it'd be epic, it's a big if but with how awesome Punk is it I could see it happening.
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  16. Looks and sounds incredible. They'd need the shorten the opener though, else he becomes like an Undertaker type figure with that long intro + walkdown. It'd be cool for special occasions like PPV's for him to have the long introduction though. I really hope they even ponder this as a theme, it's so good.
  17. You could easily cut the intro although I'd keep some of it just for the timed spotlights with the beat.

    Also whilst we're doing Punks greatest entrances this has to be my favourite, it's seemingly rare for him to get this emotional, plus the streamers.

    Skip Colt or don't I'm not a cop.

  18. For the longest I've wanted Punk use this theme again, if it happens at Payback..I will cry!

  19. If it happens in Chicago I could actually see it being sung throughout the arena lol.

  20. God that would be one of the best entrances and fan interactions WWE could ever had if that happens of course lol.
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