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    While I would love to see this match on the main card, they would be doing the right thing because it has zero build as opposed to a match like Rhodes v Sandow. That must be a massive disappointment for RVD, returning after years away then is on the pre-show at the next PPV. Cesaro to go over?
  2. Fuck, RVD on the preshow? I wanted to see RVD/orton...
  3. Can't imagine why anyone would care about RVD or this match at this point.
  4. Who cares about RVD/Cesaro? No build, and not to mention RVD isn't that entertaining.

  5. Are you serious bro? One of the most entertaining wrestlers and RVD (who's offensive style is just short of insane) going one on one? Then you realise this is for free, well I'm happy.

  6. I agree, it is insane that RVD still does the exact same shit from 1996 with no tweeks or alterations whatsoever.
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  7. It's still something fresher than just having Cena/Orton Squash everyone.

  8. I don't think Cena or Orton would ever be rumored to be on the pre show. Put Cesaro/Swagger into a feud with either the Shield or Usos and put that on the pre show. Fuck random matches featuring 45 year old dudes that were cool 20 years ago.
  9. Good. Fuck Bob, Van, Dam. Cesaro is better than this.
  10. I really don't see the point.
  11. If someone has to help carry Van Dam in his matches then why not pick Cesaro? If he can make Khali look decent then I'm pretty sure he can make RVD look pretty damn good.
  12. skype chat beautiful.
  13. Should be a good match.
  14. I love you.

    This match seems random as hell but it doesn't really affect me as I never really watch the pre show.
  15. I think it would be a good match. Cesaro is always great. Sandow vs Rhodes will be before Punk vs Lesnar, with Cena vs Bryan closing the show. It has had TOOOOOO much air time to be on the pre show. Match of the night babays
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  16. So will Cesaro face RVD at SS?
  17. I'd rather see RVD in the WHC match but if this is going to happen, put it in the main show and have Cesaro vs RVD as a #1 contender to the WHC match while Cesaro's mate Swagger can fight Ryder and Marella in a Triple Threat match to decide the #1 contender to the US championship after Henry has his own 1-on-1 title shot at Ambrose some time soon.
  18. I won't be watching which is a shame as I love watching Cesaro. RVD just does nothing for me. I get that guys adapt for each other's styles in the ring but Orton physically stopped what he was doing to lean over so RVD could roll down his back on Smackdown. It didn't look right at all.
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  19. Well this is off the table since RVD's now gunning for the US title.
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